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Seagence is a monitoring tool for software engineers. It checks for production defects, flags issues in real-time, and reveals their root causes. The app enables users to fix broken code without debugging or troubleshooting. It also provides extensive debugging information to users when necessary. Read more about Seagence
DevOps is a cloud-based software designed to help developers connect development tools and ensure compliance. The platform allows teams to automate ticketing and approval processes, facilitating change management. Read more about DevOps
Codefresh has everything you need to deliver software, providing a foundation for growth with modern CI, CD, GitOps, and more while integrating with your favorite tools. Read more about Codefresh
CloudFabrix is the inventor of robotic data automation fabric and a leader in the AIOps market. Its flagship AIOps platform is an enterprise-grade platform that is purpose-built to enable IT transformation and to address comprehensive digital IT planning and operations needs. This platform uses the power of advanced analytics, artificial intelligen... Read more about CloudFabrix
Cloudbees allows you to build, run and manage Java Applications in the Cloud. The Java Platform as a Service (PaaS) is focused on simplifying and accelerating the entire application lifecycle, making it easier and faster than ever to build, run and manage scalable Java applications. Read more about CloudBees Core
Static Object is a developer tool for GitHub with code analysis and git stats that helps drive higher engineering output with tools that deliver clarity and insight from existing GitHub data. Measure developer productivity, identify strengths and problem areas, and assess the quality of code. Read more about GitClear
Stackmasters is a cloud management platform which assists businesses of all sizes with data migration, stack management and file recovery. Its key features include performance analytics, demand monitoring, workload lifecycle management, operations insights, feedback and resource allocation. Read more about Stackmasters
Reduce cloud cost 30%, provision 150x faster, close security holes, and deploy hybrid-cloud automation in record time. Read more about Morpheus
Argon connects to development environments and tools. It protects the entire CI/CD pipeline from code manipulation misconfigurations, code leaks, and vulnerabilities. This solution enables smooth AppSec orchestration by providing a unified view, full visibility, security, and code integrity. Read more about Argon
Talos OS is an immutable and secure Kubernetes operating system. The trust of an IT infrastructure designed with security at the core. Read more about Talos OS
ActiveControl is a DevOps automation technology engineered for SAP systems. Read more about ActiveControl mimics your production data to create safe, realistic, and de-identified data for QA, testing, and analysis. Read more about Tonic
Lightstep is an application performance monitoring and incident management platform that helps businesses detect and resolve application performance issues, improve product's reliability, and accelerate time to resolution. Read more about Lightstep
Supernova is an all-in-one solution for managing, documenting, and distributing design systems from design, to code, to brand and product assets. Read more about Supernova
Fleetbase was created to help developers and businesses quickly build and run applications for all types of logistics and supply chain processes. Read more about Fleetbase Console
HPE GreenLake is an enterprise-grade, multi-cloud management software. It is a cloud-native platform that allows businesses to manage applications and data across hybrid clouds, on-premises, and edge locations. Read more about HPE GreenLake is the platform to supercharge your web operations, and build, run and scale hundreds of websites and web applications, so your developer teams can focus on what really matters. Since infrastructure and workflows are handled from the start, apps just work, so teams can focus on what really matters: making faster changes, collaborating... Read more about
UBIqube develops converged next generation management solutions for the IT and Managed Services Industry: MSActivator SDP is the corner stone SW platform for converged services deliver and management (Network, Security and VoIP). SmartSOC Unified Management appliance is the one stop shop solution for a CIO and point Network, Security and VoIP... Read more about UBIqube Solutions
WaveMaker HyScale is a cloud-based system for managing and automating the containerization and onboarding of applications. It provides DevOps teams with the tools to onboard, containerize, and deliver applications in a visual way, and offers features for change tracking, auto-deployment, and more. Read more about Hyscale
Omnium Lite is a cloud-based test environment management and DevOps tool designed to help small to large businesses schedule and manage multiple IT and non-production environments. Key features include data export, log management, audit reporting, and workflow management. Read more about Omnium Lite
Fairwinds Insights is a Configuration Validation platform that provides continuous visibility, prioritized recommendations, and collaboration tools that reduce risk, save money, and avoid wasting time as applications move from development to operations. Read more about Fairwinds Insights
Rookout is a live data collection and debugging platform that allows software engineers to get the data they need instantly. Read more about Rookout
Otomi Container Platform uses integrated open-source tools to automate processes and configure Kubernetes clusters into container platforms. Software developers can focus on functionality. The platform takes care of technical details so that developers can focus more on desired functionality. Read more about Otomi Container Platform
Dist is a fully managed and cloud-hosted Docker container registries and Maven repositories as a service. Read more about Dist
Our vision is to turn the world's business data into information to become the market leader in observability. Read more about Observe
Logilica Insights is the developer-friendly analytics platform for engineering leaders. By fusing DevOps and Git analytics Logilica enables healthy delivery teams to move faster and more predictably. Read more about Logilica Insights
OpenResty is a DevOps software that helps businesses manage distributed nodes, handle load balancing, conduct real-time analysis, and more from within a centralized platform. It allows staff members to A/B test specific parts of the gateway network before production deployment. Read more about OpenResty
Accelerate software product delivery while improving quality and efficiency with an Enterprise DevOps Platform that integrates orchestration, intelligent diagnosis and troubleshooting with actionable insights and visibility into every step of every pipeline, independent of the tools you have. Read more about ReleaseIQ
Design & build a robust identification and authentication security innovation for passwordless multi-factor security across systems with our swIDch Auth SDK. Read more about swIDch Auth SDK
Bleemeo is a cloud-based infrastructure monitoring solution that empowers infra and DevOps Teams to monitor their servers, containers and app, without deployment or maintenance efforts. Read more about Bleemeo
Intelligent Orchestration is a customizable application security pipeline that manages test execution, policy enforcement, and issue prioritization and filtering. IO offers numerous integrations and flexible configuration options to help developers identify and remediate vulnerabilities quickly. Read more about Intelligent Orchestration
Komodor is a Kubernetes-native platform that empowers developers and on-call teams to troubleshoot efficiently and independently. Read more about Komodor
StackState is a DevOps software that helps businesses manage small to large configurations across containers, microservices, monoliths, web services, and cloud, on-premise, or serverless applications. It allows staff members to automatically correlate critical KPIs with application and infra metrics and manage fast troubleshooting with backend,... Read more about StackState
FlexDeploy is a comprehensive, integrated DevOps platform that simplifies continuous innovation. Deliver better software faster by automating manual and scripted tasks. Easily adopt agile, innovative methodologies and decrease the complexity of processes to improve responsiveness and productivity. Read more about FlexDeploy
Cycleops is a Cloud Management Platform with tools that enable teams to automate DevOps processes like stack definition, deployment and monitoring for software applications. Automation setup for application lifecycle management is made easy, without writing a single line of code. Read more about Cycleops
Environments as a Service (EaaS), get the environment you need, when you need it. ReleaseHub solves the universal problem of the costs and difficulty of creating, managing, and maintaining increasingly complex environments for software developers. Customers of ReleaseHub are using EaaS to create cloud-native full-stack environments with data,... Read more about Release
Ozone is a modern CI/CD platform that provides enterprises with a powerful and easy-to-use deployment tool to scale stateful and stateless applications. It simplifies end-to-end container deployments on Kubernetes, automating deployment, rollbacks, and monitoring. Read more about Ozone
Tin is a product of TeamCode that can generate executable applications instantly without manual environment configuration. Read more about Tin
Microtica is a self-service DevOps automation platform that enables companies and individuals to adopt cloud much faster. Microtica does that by standardizing the way you build infrastructure and ship applications in the cloud. With a single tool. Read more about Microtica
Parallelware Analyzer provides a set of command-line tools that make it possible to create parallel software in less time. This technology has been developed by the company Appentra and makes it possible to detect and fix defects related to parallelisms with OpenMP and OpenACC. Read more about Parallelware Analyzer
Sail is a free and open source CLI tool to provision, deploy and manage WordPress applications in the DigitalOcean cloud. Read more about Sail
Trend Micro Cloud One is cloud and cybersecurity software that helps businesses manage security policies, detect threats, receive malicious activity alerts, conduct root-cause analysis, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to set up runtime container protection, manage security policies across multi-cloud environments,... Read more about Trend Micro Cloud One
AppOps is a DevOps platform, which helps businesses automate change management for Salesforce, configure applications, deploy metadata, control versions, and remove bottlenecks from the development process. Read more about AppOps
Empowering software development teams to collaborate through actionable highlights on people, processes, and software quality. Keep using your favourite tools to gather the metrics that will help you improve your development and delivery processes. Read more about Axify
Uplevel is an engineering insights solution that empowers teams by leveraging data from everyday tools. Teams can look to the everyday tools for software developers use to get work done, like code repositories, messaging apps, and meetings. Read more about Uplevel
Kaholo is a low-code IT workflow automation tool that enables any Developer to self-serve environments and automate their workflows faster without requiring time-consuming scripting and proprietary tool knowledge. Read more about Kaholo
Faros AI connects the dots between various engineering data sources like ticketing, source control, CI/CD, and more, giving unprecedented visibility and insight into your engineering processes. Read more about Faros AI
Identify the root cause of performance issues, optimize queries, and get alerts about critical issues. pganalyze surfaces opportunities to optimize Postgres performance and gives recommendations that help speed up queries. It comes with security features like PII filtering and SSO integration. Read more about pganalyze
Improve developer and end-user experience and operational efficiency to increase the time-to-market speed with a leading self-service Engineering Platform. Read more about Cycloid
Rakuten SixthSense Observability is an all-in-one software intelligence platform that delivers observability across all layers of your tech stack. Read more about Rakuten SixthSense Observability

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