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Let your clients book appointments, classes, or packages, fill out intake forms, add appointments to their calendar, receive confirmation and reminder notifications, and reschedule, cancel, and pay for appointments automatically—zero hula dancing, email ping-pong, or phone tag required. Read more about Acuity Scheduling
The OnBoard board intelligence platform transforms complicated, outdated, and time-consuming board meeting processes so boards can focus on what matters most. More than 5,000 boards trust OnBoard for more effective governance. Try it for yourself today with a free, no-commitment trial. Read more about OnBoard
iLost optimizes Lost & Found processes for both municipalities and citizens. User and customer experience comes first! Read more about iLost for Business
GovPilot is an e-government management solution designed to help government organizations streamline and manage their operations with workflow automation, reporting and analytics, constituent engagement tools, and more. Tablet and smartphone apps allow users to access and manage data on-the-go. Read more about GovPilot
ICC’s Digital Codes is the most trusted and authentic source of model codes and standards, which conveniently provides access to the latest code text from across the United States. Read more about ICC Digital Codes Premium
BOSS811 is Cloud based One Call Ticket Management Solution for manage excavation requests. BOSS811 is easy to use and enables Municipalities, Utilities and Locators increase efficiency and reduce cost. Features include Ticket Mgmt, Routing, Facility Mapping, Mobile Apps, Dashboards and Reporting. Read more about BOSS811
Interstis is a collaboration and productivity management software that helps businesses across multiple sites utilize a digital platform to manage projects, tasks, agendas, documents, surveys, shared resources, and more from within a centralized location. Read more about Interstis
Cities, counties, states, utilities, educational institutions, and parks tap into Cartegraph's asset management, work order management, and space management software to better manage their assets, track maintenance work orders, optimize facility space, and spend smarter. Read more about Cartegraph Asset Management
Contentverse is your all-in-one content and business process management solution. Easily upload files and find them when you need them. Securely share documents with colleagues and external parties. And run processes to collaborate with your remote team. You're never far from everything you need. Read more about Contentverse
Storetraffic is a web-based footfall counting software designed to help retail stores, libraries, casinos, large events, places of worship, community centers, and other physical locations monitor, calculate, and manage the crowd and occupant density of the premises. Read more about T.M.A.S.
eScribe is an end-to-end meeting management software designed for the public sector. By streamlining administrative tasks, simplifying meetings, & boosting transparency, eScribe helps public sector organizations focus on the future of their communities. Want to learn more?Schedule a free demo today! Read more about eScribe
Burial and Lot Owner records and mapping, easily accessed and quickly edited! Secure, user level cloud accounts, set by cemetery manager. Friendly, knowledgeable support staff available to quickly assist by phone, web or in-person. Read more about CemeteryFind
User-friendly and flexible web and mobile Asset, Work Order and Customer Service solution. Geo-tag and map assets. Schedule Preventative Maintenance. Read more about Novo Solutions
Fieldshare is a cloud-based custom database software that helps businesses in oil and energy, real estate, environmental services, municipalities, and other sectors structure and manage their data from any location, on any device. Read more about Fieldshare
GIS-Centric Asset and Work Management software for local government and utilities. From Service Orders to Permitting, from Preventive Maintenance to Citizen Engagement, Elements XS has your organization covered. Read more about Elements XS
SuitePro-G is a customizable project portfolio management software with an intuitive interface, easy to use, collaborative and integrated. Read more about SuitePro-G
Troov helps organizations maintain a database of lost and found items and handle claim requests. Individuals can report lost or found articles via predefined forms and provide details like location, type, and description, enabling the built-in algorithm to verify items with the database. Read more about Troov
CivicGov offers features that are available as either stand-alone modules or an integrated suite. It helps businesses conduct and schedule one-time and cyclical reoccurring inspections across their organization. Read more about CivicGov
iWorQ is a cloud-based operations management solution for public works and community development departments. The platform offers tools for managing permits, business licenses, planning and zoning, work orders, fleets, assets, facilities, projects, employees, and more. Read more about iWorQ is a cloud-based document management software designed to help municipalities and government organizations update and provide remote access to documents and records to multiple users via desktop or mobile devices. Read more about
UtiliSync811 is a fieldwork scheduling and document management solution for municipalities and utility owners. Read more about UtiliSync811
AccessE11 is a cloud-based software solution that blends innovative issue management, analytics reporting, and citizen engagement features to optimize the relationship between citizens and their municipality. Read more about AccessE11
MuniLogic is a web-based municipal management solution that enables municipalities & local governments to manage business workflows, as well as manage assets Read more about MuniLogic
Cyberday as your modern turnkey solution: No matter if you want to improve your cyber defence, be certification ready, or comply with legal regulation, everything is managed under one roof - in a single solution. Our software works directly as app in your trusted MS Teams environment. Read more about Cyberday
MaintStar Enterprise Asset Management is a GIS cloud-based software that helps public works bodies manage assets via budgeting, project planning, service request routing, and more. It allows municipality employees to schedule preventive maintenance for facilities, equipment, and vehicles. Read more about MaintStar Enterprise Asset Management
Beehive is a community asset and infrastructure management solution designed for public sector works such as wastewater treatment, code compliance, streetlight management, snow removal, and sidewalk projects. The cloud-based application enables users to manage inventory, attachments & maintenance. Read more about Beehive Industries
Create work orders and detail the customer’s service requirements for your driver/technician, and easily plan and schedule daily, weekly, or monthly routes. Schedule jobs more efficiently, optimize routes, dispatch your fleet, locate equipment, and monitor a route’s progress in real-time. Read more about Eagle Eye Tracking
RFAM is a preventative maintenance solution built to improve the operation and management of recreation facilities and open spaces. Read more about RFAM
Infor's CloudSuite Public Sector is a leading ERP suite designed to modernize how state or local agencies, community organizations, and K-12 school districts operate. Read more about Infor CloudSuite Public Sector
Efficiently maintain water, gas, and electric billing, while handling every aspect of management, from billing to demand calculations. Read more about PUBLIQ Software Utility Billing
illico is a multichannel document and process management software that provides local governments with tools to facilitate collaboration among residents and improve citizen relationships. Administrators can sort incoming mails based on queries and assign them to specific employees for resolution. Read more about illico
Cloudpermit is a cloud-based software designed to help government organizations manage inspections, approvals, implementation, and other construction permit processes via a unified portal. The platform enables applicants to apply and pay for permits, submit drawings, insurance documents, and site plans, communicate with municipal officers, track... Read more about Cloudpermit
CityGuards for Police is a mobile app and platform that has established a proven track record for enhancing community engagement between Police Officers and local residents and businesses. Read more about CityGuards
ClearGov is a budget management and performance platform designed for the needs of local government administration. It replaces Excel or paper forms for data collection, tracks communications, and produces budget analyses and visualizations for stakeholders. The system is entirely cloud-based. Read more about ClearGov
CitizenServe e-Government is a municipal software designed to help businesses submit applications, complaints, and other municipality-related forms. The platform enables managers to print permit and license certificates and track application statuses on a unified interface. Read more about CitizenServe e-Government
Allow your citizens to report it, request it, pay for it or ask for it. Read more about My Council Services
TownSuite Municipal Software is a cloud-based municipal information management solution designed to meet the needs of municipal governments and provide a single source for all municipal information. The platform offers tools for managing land, assets, service requests, eBills and payments, and more. Read more about TownSuite Municipal
Citizenserve is a comprehensive software and service solution for community development that covers all aspects of application processing, licensing, permitting, inspections, code enforcement, planning and zoning, and citizen request management. Includes a configurable & customizable online portal. Read more about CitizenServe
iCompass is a cloud-based agenda and meeting management solution designed to help local governments manage and accomplish goals, aiding operational efficiency, transparency & improved engagement with the public. The solution aims to eliminate manual tasks & optimize costs for time-bound processes. Read more about iCompass
Geoteamz City is a collaboration platform designed to help city, county, state, and federal government agencies and departments in the United States address various citywide problems. It enables organizations to communicate with police, utilities, fire, public works, and other departments, manage incidents, and track equipment via a unified portal. Read more about respond+
OnePlace is a cloud-based solution for the oil and gas, telecom, utilities, and AEC industries, which provides features such as data visualization, map creation, team collaboration, and data storage. Read more about OnePlace
Instant Input is a municipality and community management software that helps organizations collect public ideas, manage community relationships, share recommendations, capture public feedback, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to create and distribute custom surveys to gain insights into public recommendations,... Read more about Instant Input
Quisitive PowerGov offers smart city applications to drive citizen engagement and superior city customer service. Read more about Quisitive PowerGov
BreezeCIP is a cloud-based capital improvement planning software that helps organizations create CIP drafts to plan and manage multiple local government projects. The application enables users to input all the required information to automatically generate multiple 'what-if' versions of projects. Read more about BreezeCIP
Municipal software package to help your city automate many city processes such as building permits, inspections and more. Read more about TEKConnectGov
With bMoves, you can quickly oversee the work of your municipality. Using our intuitive app, your technical services can record their field activities. And, on our desktop or mobile tools, you can monitor everything and generate custom-built reports. Read more about bMoves
Gesuas is integrated software for managers and technicians working in social assistance, which makes it possible to manage information on families and the actions carried out with them, prepare family monitoring plans, systematize data by location, and more. Available in Portuguese. Read more about GESUAS
Aprova Digital is a Portuguese-language system that automates and accelerates the processes of public agencies. It makes it possible to simplify the issuing of certificates, licenses, and permits, plus create customizable forms and validate documents with traceable digital signatures more quickly. Read more about AprovaDigital
Gove is an intelligent municipality management platform focused on improving municipal tax collection by centralizing data from properties and companies, which are constantly monitored and cross-referenced with internal and external sources to detect errors and divergences. Available in Portuguese. Read more about Gove

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