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WorkstationOne is a software product for radiologists who read breast imaging studies. It integrates with all PACS and accepts mammography studies (including tomosynthesis) from all vendors. Integration with external report systems is included. Read more about WorkstationOne
Achieve better clinical outcomes by using NextGen Healthcare EHR/EMR solutions. Our goal is to empower you to deliver high-quality care. Read more about NextGen Office
WebPT offers the most powerful rehab therapy platform on the market. Offering scheduling, documentation, patient engagement, outcomes tracking, billing, and business reporting, WebPT’s robust cloud-based platform is ideal for every outpatient setting—regardless of size or specialty. Read more about WebPT
AestheticsPro is a complete medical spa software solution encompassing the features you need to efficiently operate your medical aesthetic business. From our HIPAA compliant EMR to a comprehensive scheduling and calendar management solution, have the tools you need to manage and grow your business. Read more about AestheticsPro
Psych Advantage is a cloud based EHR and practice management software designed primarily for psychiatrists, therapists and mental health professionals Read more about Compulink Healthcare Solutions
Office Practicum is a comprehensive pediatric management solution designed to help practices organize EHR, control billing & simplify patient engagement Read more about Office Practicum
patientNOW is a hybrid integrated solution for practice management, patient engagement and electronic medical records (EMR) which is designed for aesthetic medical practices such as medical spas, plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology to manage their business with automated paperless workflows Read more about PatientNow
RevolutionEHR is a comprehensive cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR), Personal Health Record and practice management software solution for optometrists Read more about RevolutionEHR
NovaPACS is a cloud-based PACS software, designed to help radiology professionals view, analyze, and compare images using built-in mammography, hanging protocols, 3D, 4D, and various other functionalities. Features include workflow management, collaboration, reporting, image processing, QA tools, built-in peer review, and customizable worklists. Read more about NovaPACS
Dicom Systems Unifier Platform is a medical imaging software designed to help businesses in the healthcare sector exchange and archive patient-related data including diagnostic reports. Key features include tag morphing, Lua scripting, load balancing, routing, and visible light imaging. Read more about Dicom Systems Unifier Platform
RT Connect is a solution that combines EHR, RIS, PACS, and OIS tools with a secondary check of monitor units in radiotherapy. It features interoperability with other medical systems. RT Connect helps healthcare providers improve patient care and streamline their medical imaging workflow. Read more about RT Connect
ProtonPACS is a picture archiving & communication system solution, which helps medical imaging centers & physicians manage processes for storing & distributing medical images. It provides data storage & voice recognition functionalities to eliminate duplicate data entry & handle reports delivery. Read more about ProtonPACS
Nova RIS is a radiology information system designed to help businesses streamline workflows for patient scheduling, forms management, and reporting. It offers an online portal, which allows doctors to access imaging media, reports, navigation details between patients’ homes and facilities, prescriptions, procedures, and more. Read more about Nova RIS
UltraLinq is a secure cloud PACS that helps healthcare organizations to upload, interpret, store, and share medical imaging. With multi-site access from any internet-connected device, reporting is streamlined and always accessible. Read more about UltraLinq
RT PACS is a cutting-edge digital medical image management solution designed to streamline workflows, improve diagnostic accuracy, and enhance communication in the healthcare industry. Read more about RT PACS
NUBIX PACS is the dynamic solution that allows your specialists to interpret and visualize the DICOM study at any time and in any place with the most advanced technology. 24/7 customer and user support in Spanish. With devices that continuously improve and receive updates at no additional cost, we guarantee the best results. With multiple secure... Read more about NUBIX PACS
Studycast is a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) designed to help hospitals, research organizations and clinical specialists manage medical imaging workflows from orders to results. Professionals can gain insights into acquired data and images and add information about studies including measurements, patient demographics, and more... Read more about Studycast
AccessPoint is a portfolio of applications for medical imaging informatics. Clinical Imaging Cloud provides on-demand access to your clinical studies and intelligent reporting. Advanced Workspace is a diagnostic solution for study post-processing, image analysis and AI-guided documentation. Read more about AccessPoint
A fully-secure and scalable healthcare management solution empowering businesses to improve efficiency, security and patient care. Covering; booking, clinical, billing, communications, analytics and support modules, Meddbase is securely accessed from any web-enabled device, anywhere any time. Read more about Meddbase
MedicaSoft is a cloud-based software that specializes in designing, developing, and implementing clinical management solutions. It aims to simplify the operational needs of clinicians and healthcare providers. Key features of the software include PACS, LIMS, IVF, and automated billing systems. Read more about Medicasoft
RADIOLens is picture archiving and communication system (PACS) software, which provides smart data and intuitive workflow for physicians and referring doctors to streamline decision making and improve patient care. Read more about RADIOLens
eRAD PACS Evolution is a web-based radiology imaging workflow solution for clinicians, designed to cater for high volume mammography reading, breast tomography and projection views with advanced hanging protocols, thanks to multiple views, 3D volume rendering via a 64-bit diagnostic viewer and more Read more about eRAD PACS Evolution
Tempo is an echo & vascular reporting and DICOM viewer platform for cardiologists and vascular specialists. Key features include data mapping & visualization, comparison view, client portal, electronic signature, PACS & 3rd party integrations, HIPAA compliance, and summary reports. Read more about Tempo
PowerServer RIS/PACS is an on-premise and cloud-based software designed to help businesses manage and streamline medical imaging processes. Medical professionals can schedule appointments using a drag-and-drop interface and utilize the self-service portal to access patients' reports or images. Read more about PowerServer PACS
NextGen Enterprise is a configurable EHR/EMR solution designed for single and multi-specialty ambulatory medical practices. Read more about NextGen Enterprise
netScope Server is WSI viewer, which helps medical professionals generate and manage microscopic slides via editing, downloading, synchronization, and more. The platform offers various features such as folder structure management, browser view, custom annotations, collaboration tools, and more. Read more about netScope Server
IntelePACS is a highly scalable and distributed radiology platform that enhances the performance of healthcare organizations Read more about Intelerad Cloud
AdvaPortal enables teleradiology reporting service providers to secure smaller clinics that would have previously required excessive administrative overhead as if they were larger clients with enterprise-wide RIS and PACS systems. AdvaPortal provides several features including patient entry, scheduling, document capture, label printing, DICOM... Read more about AdvaPortal
mdbrain software is a tool that integrates with PACS systems for quantitative neurography based on volumetry and artificial intelligence. mdbrain creates a representation of the peripheral nervous system within 5 to 15 minutes through neuroradiological magnetic resonance tomography. Read more about mdbrain
netScope Viewer is a windows-based Picture Archiving and Communication Software (PACS) that helps healthcare and medical device development organizations analyze, view, edit, and share microscope slides from a unified platform. Read more about netScope Viewer
Cloud based echo & vascular reporting and PACS system aimed at small business Cardiologists and Sonographers. The simplest, most cost effective PACS and reporting system out there. Read more about Piccolo Health
PowerServer LITE PACS is a PACS solution designed to assist small to medium businesses view images, automate routine tasks, manage reporting, create unified worklists, handle voice-recognition based dictation, and manage other operations on a centralized platform. It also lets organizations integrate the platform with several third-party EMR, HIS,... Read more about PowerServer LITE PACS
PowerServer RIS/PACS provides a complete all-in-one solution for all imaging modalities. The cloud-based system allows you to set your practice up for success with data security, scalability, and uptime while saving precious dollars and IT resources. Read more about PowerServer RIS/PACS

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