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AI-driven carbon emissions data platform and cloud-based solutions for supply chain risk management. Read more about Avarni
Cority offers enterprise level companies a web-based environment, health, safety and quality management software solution to enhance environmental sustainability, occupational health, safety and quality. Read more about Cority
Greenly is a sustainability management platform that automatically measures the environmental impact of businesses. It uses accounting data to derive actionable insights. Key features include audit management, automatic CO2 calculations, emissions monitoring, supplier management, and KPI reporting. Read more about Greenly
EHS Insight is a multi-feature solution for managing incidents, risk, audits and safety at workplaces. Read more about EHS Insight
Quentic software strengthens your environmental and sustainability management, in compliance to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. The platform comprises ten modules that can be selected and combined as required. Request a guided demo today! Read more about Quentic
The new VelocityEHS Accelerate® Platform provides a comprehensive Emissions Management software that helps you automate, track, collect, and report on all your critical emissions including GHG, Air, Water, and other waste streams in real-time. Read more about VelocityEHS
ProActivity Suite is an environmental, health, and safety (EHS) management software designed to help businesses plan, maintain, manage and audit compliance according to several industrial regulations. Administrators can execute and track Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) across the enterprise in real-time. Read more about ProActivity Suite
ProcessMAP was created on a simple vision - to help businesses overcome the complexities of managing their Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS), and risk data. Read more about Ideagen ProcessMAP
Mapistry's Environmental Data Platform is designed to simplify and streamline the management of air emissions. With continuous data management for air emissions monitoring, you can easily monitor your emissions data in real-time. Read more about Mapistry
Cargoson is cloud based Transportation Management System (TMS) for shippers to organise daily logistics tasks. It is built for manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, 3rd party warehouse logistics providers who are using different logistics companies like DHL, DSV, Schenker, TNT, Fedex,UPS etc. Read more about Cargoson
Valoptia.ABC enables businesses to calculate the full cost of products and services. Read more about Valoptia.ABC
Watchwire is a fully integrated cloud-based energy management solution for organizations monitoring and managing utility consumption, expenses, and emissions Read more about WatchWire
ERA Emissions management software accurately tracks and reports air emissions, including VOCs, HAPs, GHGs, Particulate Matter, VHAPs, NOx, and SOx. Map and model any of your processes, including applied chemicals, emission rates, control technologies, and continuous emissions monitoring. Read more about ERA EH&S Software
Diligent ESG (formerly Accuvio) empowers organizations to address the seminal components of ESG that matter most to their stakeholders, while meeting current reporting requirements and planning and preparing for the future. Read more about Diligent ESG
Emex is an intuitive platform that digitises & simplifies EHS Management, Environmental Performance, Sustainability & ESG. We give our clients the power to introduce responsive reporting based on accurate data, proving compliance to investors and shareholders. Read more about Emex EHS & ESG Software
SaaS platform that manages the collection, analysis, and tracking, providing complete control over ESG reporting and maximising the value of your data. Automated data collection, validation, and traceability of your ESG reporting. Read more about Position Green
Climas is an ESG and GHG management solution that allows orchestrating and consolidating sustainability indicators and reports, offering all areas and business units a single, centralized view of the company’s ESG and GHG information. Read more about Climas
Salute's cloud-based EHS software is an all-in-one solution to manage risk and compliance more efficiently, providing safety leaders the easiest, most flexible platform for tracking, managing, and communicating key environmental health and safety data. Read more about Salute Safety
ioTORQ EMIS is the advanced energy, utility and resource management software, which integrates multiple data sources, real-time dashboards and AI-driven analytics to help industry manage performance, engage stakeholders and drive performance gains. Read more about ioTORQ EMIS
InSite is a premier building intelligence solution, delivering actionable intelligence for optimization of real estate operations and facilitating achievement of ESG and sustainability goals. Read more about InSite
denxpert’s intelligent Water & Air module provides a more efficient emission management system for your company. Read more about denxpert
Planetly’s innovative software solution empowers companies to manage their carbon emissions holistically. This involves transparently analysing the carbon footprint, reducing it using effective measures, and offsetting it with the help of certified climate projects. Read more about ESG and Sustainability Cloud
Chemical Safety Software is a cloud-based environmental management & reporting system which tracks & manages the flow of chemicals & hazardous materials Read more about Chemical Safety EMS
Sustain.Life is a SaaS platform that helps future-proof companies by fighting climate change—that means making business decisions with the environment in mind and measuring and reducing their environmental impact. Read more about Sustain.Life
Persefoni is a sustainability management software that provides carbon accounting and financial disclosure solutions to help organizations meet stakeholder climate disclosure requirements and requests. Read more about Persefoni
Enablon provides the most complete Environmental Management software solutions on the market designed for Fortune 500 companies. Read more about EHS Management Software
Normative is a cloud-based sustainability reporting software designed to help businesses monitor and generate analytical reports on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) metrics. Supervisors can upload data sources to gain an overview of the organization’s sustainability statistics. Read more about Normative
Easily collect, analyze, disclose, report and communicate your ESG data with Metrio sustainability reporting software. Read more about Metrio
Using Net0, businesses can record your raw data to convert it to tCO2e. Net0 automatically calculates emissions with the data provided. Users can track emissions over time with real-time analytics comparing emissions to offsets and view emissions sources and create reduction simulations to make action plans for long-term net-zero strategies. Read more about Net0
ESG-SmartBoard is an online, real-time platform that uses Software Robots to automatically collect, track and generate reports of ESG data. It makes it easy to stay on top of ESG performance, and helps users make data-driven decisions that contribute to a sustainable future. Read more about ESG-SmartBoard
Supercritical is a cloud-based emissions management solution, which helps businesses in technology, advertising, architecture, and other sectors track and manage their carbon footprint via carbon accounting, removal programs, portfolio tracking, and more. Read more about Supercritical
Tracks enables businesses to monitor the consumption and emissions management across trucks. Using telematics, administrators can feed vehicle consumption and emission values into a database and evaluate occurring anomalies. Read more about Tracks
Cubemos simplifies sustainability management with one platform offering ESG assessment, stakeholder analysis, risk & opportunity ID, goal tracking, communication tools, centralized data management & reporting ready tools for companies to streamline sustainability management and maintain trust. Read more about cubemos
Environmental Management Software is a sustainability software that helps organizations create environmental objectives, identify risks, monitor impacts, and more on a centralized platform. It lets team members manage data collection operations to gain insights into emission sources, utility consumptions, meteorological information, and other key... Read more about Environmental Management Software
Enablon Air Compliance Management is an emissions management software designed to help businesses define, collect, gather and compile data about emission sources, inventory, and locations. Organizations can automate the process of scheduling and gathering air samples, compile results and compare values with regulatory limits. Read more about Enablon Air Compliance Management
Locus Air Quality is an air quality management software that helps small to large businesses manage environmental compliance and air emissions inventory via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to streamline emissions tracking and reporting operations for various regulatory programs such as greenhouse gases (GHG), Fenceline, Title... Read more about Locus Air Quality Management
The leadity app is a web-based all-in-one tool. It is multi-user capable and supports sustainability officers in companies of all sizes in managing and measuring their sustainability requirements and ensures that no important aspect is forgotten. Read more about leadity
Smart software for sustainability, environmental social governance (ESG), and emissions management, measurement and reporting Read more about Brightest
Net Zero Cloud is a cloud-based EHS management software designed to help businesses track, monitor, and assess their environmental impact on a centralized platform. Supervisors can use the Travel Impact dashboard to gain an overview of the company’s travel emission data based on specific regions, departments, business units or other required... Read more about Net Zero Cloud
The only carbon management platform that offers transparency and empowers change - through accurate, 24/7 carbon accounting and emissions tracking. Read more about nZero
Radicle offers next generation solutions that help businesses compete and prepare for the future by addressing climate change. Radicle makes setting carbon reduction targets simple by providing access to a web-based software solution that helps businesses measure, manage, report and verify their emissions. Read more about Radicle
From measurement to management, you really can do it all. The ESG management solution on IsoMetrix Lumina assists you at every stage of the ESG process. With dedicated functionality for every phase, you can be assured of fulfilling each and every one of your ESG organizational stakeholder require Read more about IsoMetrix Lumina
Software automating processes in carbon accounting and management, from data gathering to Scope 1-3 emission calculations and standard-compliant reporting. Read more about Tanso
FigBytes software enables you to collect, cleanse, calculate and communicate your sustainability/ESG/CSR data. Read more about Figbytes
Citizen Impact is a Greenhouse gas emissions management software which ensures simple integration of low carbon transition matters into the company's activity. Read more about Citizen Impact
CalG is a calibration optimization and continuous process improvement product rolled into one! We use advanced data analytics approaches to reduce dependence on physical test cells. This is a great alternative to much more expensive first-principles-based approaches to competitive products. Read more about CalG
Emissions Calculator is a powerful application, able to calculate your corporate and product carbon footprint from cradle to grave, combining secondary data from suppliers & customers with your ERP data, using certified methodology fulfilling science-based target requirements. Read more about Emissions Calculator
ESG Metrics Solution from LOCOMeX provides comprehensive coverage of Scope 3 emissions management for its users. Read more about ESG Metrics Solution

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