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LearnWorlds is the most advanced, powerful yet lightweight LMS that enables you to create and provide bite-sized learning and training experiences. Harness the power of LearnWorlds’ rich functionality to create short-term learning activities and training material that your learners will love Read more about LearnWorlds
Meet TalentCards, the microlearning learning app that puts training in your people’s hands, no matter where they are. Build microlearning courses online and deliver them to your team’s smartphones. TalentCards helps you create bite-sized learning that’s quick to complete, and makes a lasting impact. Read more about TalentCards
TalentLMS is the LMS built for success. Delightfully simple and surprisingly powerful, it’s the easiest way to build bite-sized courses, share them with your teams, and track progress from a single, accessible place. Read more about TalentLMS
Absorb is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) engineered to drive business productivity and deliver a top-tier learner and admin experience. Absorb LMS is a powerful and flexible software that allows its customers to fit the LMS to their learning program. Read more about Absorb LMS
iSpring Page is a great alternative to extra full-fledged authoring tools at a lower price. With this cloud-based tool, everyone can create minimalist online courses, or “pages,” that view perfectly on mobile devices. Since it’s cloud-based, iSpring Page enables course authoring on your PC, Mac, or Read more about iSpring Page
Kahoot! is a gamification software designed to help corporate trainers and teachers create interactive presentations, training material, and learning games. Individuals can prepare for tests using flashcards, games, quizzes, and peer challenges, ensuring optimal engagement. Read more about Kahoot!
Adobe Learning Manager is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that offers microlearning across multiple formats presented in a unified Fluidic player, with stellar features such as AI-based recommendations, out-of-the-box integrations and extensive reporting. Read more about Adobe Learning Manager
An all-in-one employee app that's both powerful, affordable and easy to use, especially for the mobile workforce. Read more about Connecteam
Litmos develops eLearning solutions for top-performing companies. Litmos offers the world’s easiest-to-use LMS and a comprehensive learning content library with 30 million users in 150 countries, across 35 languages. Read more about Litmos
Thinkific is an online course platform that allows users to create, market, & sell courses on their own branded websites using drag & drop themes or custom coding. Read more about Thinkific
LatitudeLearning understands the frustrations of OEM organizations that need complex skills-based training. Since 2013, our people have helped clients develop tailored, high-impact training programs that are elegantly managed. Read more about LatitudeLearning
go4clic is a gamified social learning platform that helps companies to design and assign gamified content to deliver engaging learning experiences. Read more about go4clic
Easy LMS has all the tools you need to take your training to the next level, but it's much easier to use than the other, more complicated systems out there. Read more about Easy LMS
We offer an online training software that is simple and intuitive. Developing and training your employees or clients will never get any easier or more affordable. Just upload existing content, create exams, and track employee progress with easy-to-use reporting tools. Don't let building courses intimidate you. Create online courses and tests with... Read more about SkyPrep
iSpring Learn is a cloud-based LMS for corporate training that includes a powerful authoring tool. Read more about iSpring Learn
Together Corporate Mentorship is an enterprise mentorship platform which enables companies of all sizes to implement best-practice workplace mentorship programs for employees using online tools including registration management, scheduling, pairing, development management, reporting, and more. Read more about Together Mentoring
Optimity offers a no-code, developer-friendly health and financial wellness engagement platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing technology systems. Read more about Optimity
Udemy Business offers fresh, on-demand courses across tech, business, and wellness to train and upskill teams across all companies. Leverage this integrated learning solution to onboard new team members and skill up teams across the most in-demand skills. Read more about Udemy Business
Uteach is an all-in-one platform with a custom-built solution making the launch of an online school a matter of several minutes. Read more about Uteach
Tovuti is an all-in-one eLearning platform that empowers companies of all kinds to activate the potential of their organization. Read more about Tovuti
eloomi’s learning and development platform is the simplest way to drive growth for your people, teams, culture and organization. Low effort. High impact. That’s why 1000+ companies worldwide trust us. Read more about eloomi
Goosechase is a cloud-based interactive experiences platform that enables leaders, organizations, and schools to engage, activate, and educate their communities. Read more about Goosechase
LearnUpon works with global organizations who want to make learning a central part of their growth strategy and supports over 1,300 customers worldwide including Zendesk and Gusto. Read more about LearnUpon
Specifically designed to simplify channel partner sales rep training, TechScholar boosts sales reps selling power with fully custom Product Sales Training Modules. Writing, hosting, reporting, customer service, incentives - we do it all; saving you time and money. Read more about TechScholar
Panopto helps businesses and universities create secure, searchable video libraries of knowledge. We help educators improve learner engagement with the easy capture of in-person and virtual courses, as well as seamless storage and sharing through integrations with LMSs and video conferencing tools. Read more about Panopto
We bring the power of personalized adaptive learning to microlearning so you can quickly prepare your frontline employees with the knowledge they need to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Read more about Axonify
MarbleFlows automates onboarding process so you can focus on the things that matter the most. Address each user personally with embedded flows in your style and branding. Read more about MarbleFlows
reteach LMS enables users the ability to create individual learning spaces for training courses. The digital classrooms offer flexibility for participants as training materials can be accessed on-demand, regardless of time or place. Read more about reteach
Instructional how-to meets frontline know-how. Simplify the way people work and learn at the frontline. Read more about SwipeGuide
An all-in-one platform empowering creators to easily build and sell online courses, communities, coaching, downloads, and more on their own branded learning platform. Read more about Heights Platform
Skillsoft is a cloud-based learning management software that provides businesses with scenario-based courses, videos, online books, and other resources to train employees. Read more about Skillsoft
GoSkills is a learning management solution (LMS) designed to help businesses manage processes related to certifications and training of employees. The platform enables managers to create, assign, and track a range of learning materials including webinars, e-courses, online resources, and more. Read more about GoSkills
Teachlr Organizations is cloud-based course authoring & learning management system designed to help medium to large businesses manage and improve measures to train employees, partners or clients, with keys features and the best user experience. Read more about Teachlr Organizations
WorkRamp is the Learning Cloud that empowers businesses to design impactful learning programs for employees and customers in one single platform. Read more about WorkRamp
Traineaze is a cloud-based learning platform for creating & delivering online training courses with quizzes, completion certificates, real-time reporting & more Read more about Traineaze
keelearning is a cloud-based learning management system with a quiz function, designed for mobile use. This is also reflected in the usability. Read more about keelearning
The Content Club is your key to changing your learning culture effortlessly. With 500+ bold microlearning topics, already mapped into campaigns and pathways, you can make learning fun and fresh again for your learners. Read more about THRIVE
DiscoverLink is an e-learning solution provider that helps hospitality businesses with learning management systems, custom developed courses, and metrics-based technology to measure the effectiveness of programs on factors such as profitability, turnover, sales, costs, and competency level. Read more about DiscoverLink Talent LMS
Elite is an AI-powered skill management tool enabling companies to map skills, define career paths, get engaging content, and validate and reward learners through advanced analytics for every role. It's everything a business needs to organize the team learning and make a great impression. Read more about Elite
User-friendly, intuitive LMS & onboarding platform. Save time with automation, build engaging content or use ready-made learning modules. Collect your digital and physical training in one place and report progress easily. Perfect match for companies with 100+ employees. Read more & get a free demo. Read more about Learningbank
Ving is a safety training and compliance monitoring platform that helps businesses manage audits conducted by organization leaders and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Supervisors can monitor and track employee progress and completion status across all training programs. Read more about Ving
Blinkit is a platform for creating and delivering online courses. With Blinkit, users can create a wide variety of learning content that keeps courses exciting via videos, interactions, text, images. Staff members can also design course structure according to your teaching approach. Read more about
TrainingToday is a true turnkey training solution that delivers more than 700 courses, including employment law and workplace safety, through its updated, integrated Learning Management System (LMS). Read more about TrainingToday
PlayerLync is a mobile workforce enablement platform that combines mobile learning, operational support and compliance, content management, and communications in one easy-to-use application. We help companies like Starbucks, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Southern Company Gas. Read more about PlayerLync
Elucidat is a fully cloud-based and powerful authoring platform, designed to allow any user to produce high-quality digital learning, on a global scale, on any device. Read more about Elucidat
Eurekos is a purpose-built LMS that rapidly onboards and continuously engages customers and partners. This makes it easy to deliver product training that retains more customers and transforms partners into advocates. Read more about Eurekos
Review and learn materials in short impactful sessions with Synap. Our algorithms create tailored learning plans that take just 5 minutes a day to maximise knowledge retention Read more about Synap
LENA is an online training software designed to help corporate trainers create training courses on data protection, waste collection, compliance, and other subjects using customizable templates. Read more about LENA
Lemon Learning powers software adoption by combining short formats, in-app training and on-demand learning to make your users proficient whatever the software. Directly integrated into your employee's tool, Lemon Learning doesn't disrupt their workflow and drives better user engagement. Read more about Lemon Learning
Calibr is an AI-powered collaborative e-learning platform for a distributed workforce. Create engaging courses in less than 30 minutes with an easy-to-use course authoring tool. Be it up-skilling, re-skilling, compliance training, or customer training; Calibr covers them all! Read more about Calibr

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