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Asia's influencer marketing platform to connect brands with creative influencers, producers, writers and bloggers. We provide content marketing solution for brands and businesses. Singapore, Malaysia, HK, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand. Read more about Narrators
Supercharge your influencer marketing with Click Analytics: discover the perfect influencers, analyze their performance, detect fraud, track competitors, and streamline collaboration. Maximize efficiency, engage your target audience, and revolutionize your marketing strategies! Read more about Click Analytic
Influencity is a multi-influencer and marketing campaign management platform for brands and agencies to find, analyze, and organize influencers. Features include tailored workflows, cost predictions, fake influencer detection, engagement analysis, and real-time performance reporting. Read more about Influencity
Upfluence is a cloud-based influencer management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage social media marketing campaigns. The platform allows users to manage multiple campaigns, and includes an artificial intelligence (AI) system, which suggests the best prices for each influencer. Read more about Upfluence
Audiense Insights allows you to identify and understand any audience, no matter how specific or unique it is. Effortlessly combine numerous filter options when you create a report, such as user profiles, affinities, demographics and job roles, creating highly personalised audience segments. Read more about Audiense
Wobb enables marketing managers to connect with influencers for their campaigns, and provide them with a centralized platform to participate in multiple campaigns, submit their work for review and approval. It facilitates transparent and time-bound engagement between brands and influencers. Read more about Wobb
Discover influencers, handle relationships, and manage campaigns all in one place with Brandwatch’s Influence tool. Read more about Brandwatch
Affise is a performance marketing software for networks, advertisers & agencies to manage their affiliate networks, track traffic, & optimize their results Read more about Affise
Tapfiliate is an all-in-one influencer, affiliate, and referral tracking software that lets eCommerce & SaaS companies set up, and manage their own influencer marketing programs as well as other types of partner campaigns. Read more about Tapfiliate
Powered by advanced analytics and machine learning, Tagger by Sprout Social gives marketers an edge to conduct comprehensive competitive analysis, connect directly with influencers, and accurately track performance and measure conversions. Read more about Tagger
LTK was founded by a creator to give creators a significant tech advantage to be a brand's power partner. As the most trusted and successful influencer network in the world, driving billions in brand purchases from the largest curated creator community in 100+ countries, LTK's industry-firsts self to full-service influencer platform, 5-Star... Read more about LTK
Brand24 will help you find the most important influencers within your niche and calculate their share of voice and influencer score. You can use this tool as an influencer marketing platform, and it will help in different stages from planning up to execution for when campaigns are complete! Read more about Brand24
The all-in-one influencer marketing software for growth focused direct-to-consumer brands. Read more about Grin
BuzzSumo is a content discovery, content curation & influencer marketing platform for agencies, brands & publishers. A free 30-day trial is available. Read more about BuzzSumo
Mavrck is an influencer marketing solution, which provides features such as influencer search and recruitment, customizable data points, collaborative content creation, influencer insights, influencer relationship management, customizable campaign workflow, content review, incentives, and reporting and analytics. Read more about Mavrck
Lyfpit is the social media automation and growth hacking platform created by marketers for marketers Read more about Lyfpit
Julius is a influencer marketing solution which assists businesses with searching influencer profiles across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube & Twitch. It enables users to view popular social media posts, and target audiences based on location, interests & other custom criteria. Read more about Julius
Meltwater's end-to-end influencer marketing platform, allows you to create, support and optimise your social influencer strategy. Find the right influencers using our comprehensive database, packed with insights into their audience demographics and interests. Read more about Meltwater
Trend helps organizations build and manage a team of influencers for generating and posting content across various social networks. It includes a centralized dashboard, which allows businesses to view influencers interested in collaborating, as well as view, approve or reject application requests. Read more about Trend
UpPromote is the top recommended affiliate/referral app on Shopify. With this all-in-one solution, you can build and manage your marketing campaign. Our mission is to bring businesses to as many people as possible and provide the tools to help brands manage and expand the affiliate team. Read more about UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing
Moonio offers a comprehensive set of tools for brands and creators to connect, and all the necessary features to run hassle-free, successful collaborations. Read more about Moonio
Lumanu is a cloud-based payment processing platform designed to help businesses manage payouts for workers. The solution onboards creative talent, manages communication about upcoming payments, and lets brands, enterprises, and agencies handle payment approvals and permissions according to t requirements. Read more about Lumanu
Circlewise is the Partnership Management Software of choice for B2B and B2C companies of all sizes. Our software allows advertisers to efficiently manage their partnerships with affiliates, influencers, media buyers, and ad networks enabling them to scale their affiliate marketing indefinitely. Read more about Circlewise
The Buyapowa platform powers innovative advocacy and refer-a-friend programs for some of the world's leading brands, including GAP, Sprint, Expedia, boohoo, and many more. We allow brands and retailers to identify their biggest advocates, and motivate and reward them for bringing in new customers. Read more about Buyapowa
NetBase is an enterprise social media analytics solution for top consumer brands, their agencies, and their ecosystem to drive real business results. Read more about NetBase Quid
Pitchbox is an influencer outreach and content marketing solution that enables marketing agencies or SEO departments to find the right influencer to promote their content and spread awareness of their brand. PitchBox is able to integrate with SEO providers to receive reliable and brand-safe results. Read more about Pitchbox
OpenSponsorship is an influencer marketing software designed to help businesses in the sports industry connect with athletes to facilitate digital marketing campaigns. Administrators can utilize the search functionality to identify and connect with selected personnel. Read more about OpenSponsorship is a cloud-based influencer marketing platform that provides creators with a bio link to sell content and accept donations, as well as manage social media posts. By creating a membership, accepting requests, selling exclusive content, and collecting emails, helps creators make more money and connect with their audience. Read more about is designed to help businesses generate interactive content, interact with influencers, and run marketing campaigns across multiple social media platforms. It enables managers to build brand awareness, organize a list of influencers, and share them with marketing teams. Read more about influence
JW Player is an online video management software designed to help businesses upload, stream, and deliver high-quality videos on a centralized platform. Administrators can track ad revenue to manage monetization and utilize video intelligence to improve audience engagement. Read more about JW Player
Traackr provides influencer discovery, vetting, campaign organization, measurement, and the industry’s only influencer market performance benchmark Read more about Traackr
Skeepers IM is a cloud-based influencer management software,designed to help businesses find & collaborate with social media influencers to promote their brand. Using smart matching technology and an extensive search functionality, Skeepers helps businesses find the most suitable influencer matches. Read more about Skeepers Influencer Marketing
Favikon is an easy-to-use, time saving and accessible influencer platform that will help you find the perfect influencer for your brand! Read more about Favikon
Bazaarvoice gives you control to collect, display, and distribute text and visual user-generated content (UGC) to drive revenue, scale your brand, gain actionable insights and build customer loyalty. Read more about Bazaarvoice
Tribe Dynamics is an influencer marketing software designed to help lifestyle brands and marketing agencies identify, track, and manage relationships with influencers. Administrators can track hashtags, keywords, and mentions to identify influencers and conduct measurable marketing campaigns. Read more about Tribe Dynamics
HypeAuditor is an influencer marketing platform that provides full end-to-end coverage powered by reliable data and powerful AI. Read more about HypeAuditor
influData provides a TikTok, YouTube and Instagram database for the discovery and analysis of influencers and social media creators. A comprehensive filter helps customers browse for the right influencers through the database. Favorites and collections assist in the further organization and management of the favorite influencers. Through the... Read more about influData
Storyclash is the Influencer Marketing Platform that uses an unique AI-powered content technology to help brands & agencies scale their creator programs. Discover authentic creators, measure the impact of your campaigns and manage all your data in one place. Read more about Storyclash
Roster (formerly Wooly) boosts awareness and revenue by converting brands customers into brand ambassadors. Read more about Roster
BuzzStream is an application designed to help marketers reach out to influencers and build relationships through link building and digital PR management Read more about BuzzStream
Heepsy is a cloud-based influencer search engine designed to help businesses discover social media influencers for specific locations, categories, audience demographics and engagement rates. Read more about Heepsy
Target Circle is a partner marketing software that provides businesses with the tools to build and run affiliate programs and pay partners globally. It is designed for affiliate marketing professionals and teams that want to build or scale their in-house partner program. Read more about Target Circle
Pietra is a powerful platform that gives you the operational support you need to start and/or scale your eComm business. Use Pietra to find vetted manufacturers, utilize Pietra's fulfillment center, and start selling your products online. Read more about Pietra
Maximize your social media impact with content intelligence and data analysis for social media managers 🚀 Get into competitive analysis and take the lead! Read more about Welov
#paid is an influencer marketing platform that helps DTC brands, fortune 500 companies and marketing agencies connect with content creators to manage campaigns. The platform enables administrators to track creators’ performance across various social media posts on a unified interface. Read more about #paid
CPV Lab Pro is a dashboard for marketing campaigns. It allows users to track, manage, and optimize all paid and organic traffic sources straight from one platform. Read more about CPV Lab Pro
Pixlee TurnTo is a cloud based Content Management System (CMS) that allows brands to leverage Social UGC, influencer content, and ratings & reviews across brand channels. Read more about Pixlee TurnTo
Fanpage Karma is a leading social media management solution that facilitates the boring and stressful parts of managing a presence across all social media platforms, and lets people focus on the things that they really value: sharing their messages and content to an ever-growing number of fans. Read more about Fanpage Karma
CreatorIQ is a cloud-based influencer marketing platform designed to help businesses of all sizes manage influencer marketing campaigns via a unified portal. The platform allows integration with third-party applications via APIs. Read more about CreatorIQ
iDevAffiliate is an affiliate program, tracking, and commission management software designed to integrate with users’ existing websites Read more about iDevAffiliate

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