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Accordant is a workspace management software which enables users to plan moves, track occupancy, keep track of leases, survey utilization and more, all with a single web-based tool. Accordant is a useful resource for companies with a few hundred desks right up to large multi-national corporations Read more about Accordant
Ganttic is a cloud-based tool that enables enterprise teams to manage all of their resources, facilities, and projects. The solution helps improve workplace utilization, allocate staff more efficiently, and reduce budget overruns. Schedule resources without being constrained by location. Read more about Ganttic
Maintain floor plan updates and keep everyone in the know. Finally, there's a map that is useful to office managers, IT, and everyone else in the office. We'll work with you to import your maps, wherever your maps live today, whether its CAD, JPG, IWMS, or treasure. Read more about Robin
IoT-driven enterprise platform for real-time facilities O&M and tenant engagement. Optimising over 30 million sq.ft of space globally. Read more about Facilio
FlexO is a hybrid workspace booking and managed system that helps businesses manage huddle spaces, desks, parking areas, shared facilities, whiteboards, etc.. The multilingual platform let stakholders manage assets, amenities, sites, etc. using a centralized dashboard with advanced policies. Read more about FlexEZ
Wrike is a team collaboration platform trusted by more than 20,000 companies worldwide. Boost your integrated workplace management with features such as automated reports and time tracking tools. Centralize your processes to keep track of your resources and improve workplace efficiency. Read more about Wrike
Skedda is the world’s leading online booking and scheduling platform. Automate complex and time-consuming booking tasks. Read more about Skedda
An IWMS platform that enables organizations to establish hybrid workplaces and employees’ safe return-to-office. Read more about WorkInSync
Clearooms is a cloud based software that puts users in control of both hot desking and room booking all within one system. Users can instantly see availability across floor plans and get further information on desk facilities, meeting details, attendee's and more. Read more about Clearooms
FM:Systems provides workplace management technology that enables organizations to identify, plan & deliver the ideal workplace for every employee. Our Integrated Workplace Management System improves management of space, occupancy, renovations, moves, maintenance, assets, smart buildings & more. Read more about FMS:Workplace
Othership is a flexible working platform that gives the freedom to work how and where users want, whether remote, hybrid or in the office. Read more about Othership
Eden provides the all-in-one platform for HR, Workplace, and People Operations professionals to make workflows easier across their organization. Read more about Eden Workplace
FreeBusy is an online scheduling assistant that helps you coordinate meetings with your contacts inside and outside your company more efficiently. Read more about FreeBusy
With iOFFICE's facility management software, you have the resources you need to facilitate more effective operations. You'll be able to better utilize space, lower costs, access relevant data and increase transparency across your organization. Read more about iOFFICE
The cloud based desk & meeting room booking solution bringing agile teams together at the workplace. Visit and get started with the FREE TRIAL to experience the ease of roll-out and how we stand out compared to other solutions. Read more about Tribeloo
IWMS software for facility management and maintenance of assets, spaces, infrastructures and services with a wide variety of modules to control them in a comprehensive way. Rosmiman® contributes to digital transformation turning the assets life cycle into an area with a measurable return. Read more about Rosmiman
ebase is a cloud-based facility management software, which enables businesses to manage work orders, streamline rentals, view log records, and analyze safety inspections. Features include KPI dashboard, task tracking, real-time data, customizable templates, notifications, and inventory management. Read more about ebase
YAROOMS is an innovative workplace experience software suite helping companies to keep track of their carbon emissions while easily managing people and spaces in a hybrid work environment. Read more about YAROOMS
For facility, real estate & workplace management. All relevant activities & touchpoints integrated into a single platform. Self-service functionality, configurable workflows, mobile apps with powerful in-field capabilities, central database, scalable, multilingual, + IoT/BIM/CAD integrations. Read more about Spacewell
Urbest's collaborative job tracking platform allows organisations to seamlessly capture, organise, track and take actions in workloads between issuers, managers and workers. Read more about Urbest
User-friendly scheduling & management software. Whether its equipment, labs, meeting rooms, or desks, track details such as inventory levels, locations, & activity, & access a suite of scheduling rules &reports. Book from the web, mobile device, booking kiosks, or live maps/floorplans. Read more about QReserve
OfficeSpace Software is a cloud-based facility management solution designed to help users create and allocate workspaces for critical administrative tasks using a range of features, including desk booking, resource tracking, plus move, space and request management, and more Read more about OfficeSpace
Café is a mobile and web app to see who will be in the office, how many seats are available and who's working from another location. Read more about Café
Cities, counties, states, utilities, educational institutions, and parks tap into Cartegraph's asset management, work order management, and space management software to better manage their assets, track maintenance work orders, optimize facility space, and spend smarter. Read more about Cartegraph Asset Management
Maptician is a cloud-based space management application that provides a hybrid workplace management platform, which allows organizations to track employees' day-to-day location in real-time, compare expected and actual space utilization, and allocate space based on seating and room use by employees. Read more about Maptician
An ideal tool to manage a hybrid work and permanent workstation that provides an all-in-one package for space management solutions. Read more about Seating Allocation Solution
Wisp is the #1 Space Management Solution. You'll easily manage hybrid, hoteling, and assigned seating. Features include: Desk Reservations, Wayfinding, Move Management, Analytics, Drag-and-Drop Icons, Space Planning, and more. Read more about Wisp
Roomzilla is a meeting room reservation system which integrates with calendar systems like Google, Outlook, Office 365 & Exchange to help users schedule & manage their office space, including conference rooms & office equipment. Roomzilla supports API integration, reports, an approval queue, & more. Read more about Roomzilla
Geomap FMS allows companies to keep better track of their real estate portfolio, assets, and maintenances. It enables to monitor asset inventory and maintenances through tagging like QR codes and RFIDs. Among the features, it includes energy management, warehouse management, and budget management. Read more about Geomap FMS
FAMA offers technological solutions for the Integral Management of Assets and Infrastructures, Facility Management and Services. Read more about FAMA
FacilityQuest is a cloud-based space planning and management solution that helps small to medium-sized organizations manage their real estate. The intuitive dashboard and robust reporting features allow supervisors to track their spaces, people, and assets efficiently. Read more about FacilityQuest
Nspace's desk booking, room booking, and visitor management software improves operations and enhances the overall employee and guest experience. Read more about Nspace
POC System is a cloud-based facility management solution which helps medium to large businesses manage commercial real estate & seating allocation. The platform provides a real-time view of space inventory & work areas, enabling managers to design seating plans and optimize utilization. Read more about POC System
Everything you need from a hybrid workplace management platform, plus the ability to book desks and meeting rooms, not only within the office but also in hundreds of co-working spaces. Available as web, mobile and Slack app. Read more about Nibol
Room Display 6 is a meeting room booking tool that helps team members book available rooms at specific dates and times while adding various details such as meeting title, estimated meeting time & more. Administrators can add a custom background and logo, and gain analytics on space usage. Read more about Room Display 6
UrbanBound is a cloud-based human capital management platform that helps streamline employee relocation processes. With UrbanBound, companies can reduce their relocation program costs and provide an amazing experience to the employees—all while making it easy for them to manage their own move. Read more about UrbanBound
Productivity Everywhere -- Unite your people, properties and processes with software tailored to your unique multi-location operations. Read more about Common Areas
Planon Universe offers an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) for corporate real estate, facility managers, service providers and financial professionals. It helps them streamline business processes for assets, workplaces, real estate, and employees. Read more about Planon
QuickFMS is a cloud-based facility management solution, which helps small to large businesses manage workplace infrastructure and physical assets. Key features include rent calculation, layout planning, workflow automation, email/SMS reminders, and reporting. Read more about QuickFMS
Advanced workspace management software with features like Meeting Room Booking, Visitor Management, Member management, Desk Booking, etc Read more about Engage
Smartway2 helps you transform workspace utilization, improve collaboration & boost productivity. Quick & easy meeting room booking, desk booking & more from any device, even Outlook! Smartway2 also supports visitor management, digital signage & kiosks. Includes workplace analytics. Read more about Smartway2
It is a contemporary solution that works together with businesses to provide a complete perspective on facilities operation by bringing together space, people, assets and maintenance into a single system. Read more about eFACiLiTY
Mission Control is a project management tool that helps teams orchestrate their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. Read more about Mission Control
Shiawa is an office management solution that enables businesses to manage tasks with ticketing, employees, desks and office space, inventory and much more. Read more about Shiawa
Bisner Workplace is an all-in-one workplace solution, supporting flexible and smart offices. Features include: meeting room, desk and workspace booking; interactive room displays ; location management; capacity management; visitor management; touchless check-in; and service maintenance. Read more about Bisner Workplace
hybo is a SaaS solution that facilitates the booking and management of office workspaces to create a hybrid work environment. Read more about hybo
EntryLogic is a cloud-based Visitor Management solution enabling organizations to streamline lobby operations by efficiently managing and tracking both employees and visitors. The system offers touchless sign-in, the ability to invite and pre-register guests, and real-time notifications to hosts. Read more about EntryLogic
Smarten Spaces is a hybrid workplace solution to connect businesses with workspaces for hybrid or digital employees. Companies can book desks or meeting rooms for employees and teams. It also supports visitor access management, consulting floor plans, dashboards, and space allocation reports. Read more about Smarten Spaces Hybrid Workplace Software
ProSpace is a Singapore-based company that offers facility management solutions like desk, and meeting room solutions to enterprises globally. Helping companies transition their traditional office space into a smart hybrid digital workplace that works for everybody in the office. Read more about ProSpace
MRI is redefining the traditional IWMS concept to improve long-term, strategic property and portfolio management. XWMS is an Extensible Workplace Management System: an interoperable cloud-based platform that meets the sophisticated and unique needs of corporate real estate and facilities teams. Read more about MRI ManhattanONE

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