Here's our list of apps for Job Evaluation. Filters help you narrow down the results to find exactly what you’re looking for.

8 Software options

Zoho Recruit's applicant tracking system and talent acquisition system is designed for modern workforce that helps you hire more qualified candidates faster. Read more about Zoho Recruit
We provide an evidence-based approach to job evaluation that delivers transparent grading results from three career paths - Individual Contributor, Management and Project Management. Our modern, independent system is easy to use and doesn’t need the “secret knowledge” of expensive consultants. Read more about gradar
Ngage by Arca24 has a search and indexing system for the professions described in the curriculum vitae and in job offers, which generates compatibility percentages according to which candidates are ranked. Read more about Ngage
Easy to use cloud system for professional services companies from startups to large international companies. Helps to manage company finances, people and documents. Share, access and collaborate anytime and anywhere. Read more about Teamogy
People Cloud is a human resource software that helps enterprises centralize engagement, evaluation, retention, and development of employees. Read more about PeopleCloud
Encompassing Visions is a job and talent evaluation software suite that helps businesses across industries including IT, healthcare, municipality, and manufacturing define roles, responsibilities, expectations, and compensation for jobs while hiring candidates. Read more about Encompassing Visions
Complete, fair and transparent, Job Evaluation can help to justify pay scales and eliminate gender bias in assignments and compensation. Read more about Pilat HR
Make better business decisions with data and feedback and receive automated suggestions for improvement. With Industrytics you can get a 360° overview of the data of your online presence and the feedback of your stakeholders and receive automated and databased suggestions for improvement. Read more about Industrytics

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