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DocSight OCR is a full-text OCR (optical character recognition) and zonal data capture solution which enables users to capture critical data & create searchable PDF documents with data extraction tools, a watched folder interface, multilingual functionality, and more Read more about ActivePDF DocSight OCR
BLU DELTA is a AI-based data capturing solution based on latest research. Zero training, Plug And Use, Seamless integration into existing workflows. Read more about BLU DELTA
OCR Gateway is a document automation tool that helps businesses optimize document workflows. It lets users scan documents in less than a minute, automate document processing, and integrate speedily with your internal systems. Read more about OCR Gateway
Adlib is a RPA solution that helps businesses in finance, petroleum, energy, manufacturing, government, and other sectors automatically discover and classify documents from multiple unstructured sources to create clean structured data. Read more about Adlib
Intelligently organizes and automates document processing. ADEx’s deep industry expertise, pre-trained libraries, tools and calculators removes manual review to meet increases in demand without increasing costs or headcount. Delivers more comprehensive results, and accelerates time-to-value. Read more about ADEx Document Intelligence
MMC Receipt is a receipt capturing and processing app that includes line item data extraction and allows exporting the processed data into Excel/google sheets or push to multiple accounting software like QuickBooks Online, Xero, FreshBooks, ZAR Money, QuickBooks Desktop. Read more about MMC Receipt
KlearStack AI is a state-of-the-art document processing software that enables data extraction, document classification, and data validation without any human inputs. It extracts data with accuracy to reduce the overall error rate. Read more about KlearStack
Intelligent OCR is an optical character recognition solution for business of all sizes that can scan documents and emails to capture relevant data from document formats such as PDF, XML, EDL, Microsoft Word, TIFF, JPEG, HTLM, and more. Read more about EchoVera Intelligent OCR
idMax is a ID and passport scanning solution with OCR capabilities that automatically extracts data from identification materials. The software works with ID's from all 50 states, many international countries and can be used in the healthcare, finance, accounting, legal and automotive industries. Read more about IdMaxCloud
NICE Robotic Automation is a cloud-based suite designed to help businesses streamline and automate tasks, from process development to deployment. It comes with an automation finder module, which lets users utilize cognitive technologies to identify processes with ROI opportunities. Read more about NICE Robotic Automation
OmPrompt Order Management is a cloud-based order management software designed to help businesses in various sectors connect with their suppliers, third-party providers, and customers via EDI. It automates the processing of manual documents via order creation, capture, fulfillment, and settlement. Read more about OmPrompt Order Management
Maple manages mathematical needs and allows calculations to be treated like like the valuable assets they are. Read more about Maple is an advanced OCR AI in the industry capable of working as a no-model, low code single API solution for your software platform. Competitive pricing with white glove support to help you start replacing tedious and error prone manual document processing with accurate AI scaled in the cloud. Read more about
Scale Document AI is a cloud-based data extraction solution for businesses in the logistics, financial services, and healthcare industries, which provides features such as machine learning model customization, data input and output, automated document annotation, and visual analytics. Read more about Scale Document AI
PanaForma is a Windows app for capturing data repeatedly from PDFs that follow a consistent format. Examples include invoices, sales orders, receipts, expense reports, and surveys but it can be used with any type of document. Read more about PanaForma
Palamardocs is a tool mainly used for document extraction and verification using AL/ML training. It has a competitive edge due to its no-code base, allowing a user-friendly interface. With an API integration, Palamardocs can be integrated to systems with a secure and safe way. Read more about Palamardocs
SingularityAI is an artificial intelligence platform that helps document processing via optical character recognition (OCR), computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and more. Read more about SingularityAI
Emmett is a software solution that uses optical character recognition technology to extract the content of documents, such as ID cards and driver's licenses, enabling companies to perform customer onboarding processes quickly with reduced back-office costs. It is available in English and Portuguese. Read more about Emmett
ByteScout Text Recognition SDK is a web-based optical character recognition (OCR) solution for small to mid-size businesses that can extract and copy data from multiple outputted documents such as PDFs, PNGs, JPGs, and TIFFs and create new Microsoft word files, email templates, and separate PDFs. Read more about ByteScout Text Recognition SDK
Easy ScreenOCR is an optical character recognition (OCR) solution for businesses of all sizes that can be run on any web browser or on Windows & Mac operating systems. The software recognizes over 100 languages & can be transformed into multiple formats such as PDFs, PNGs, & Microsoft Word documents Read more about Easy ScreenOCR
DocVision is a cloud-based, no-code document intelligence platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to extract data from documents of all types. The platform allows businesses to create custom workflows or train AI models to facilitate data extraction. Read more about DocVision
Cognitive Workbench is an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled platform designed to help businesses in industries such as healthcare, mobility, insurance, and others streamline text mining processes using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms. Read more about Cognitive Workbench
Eigen is a natural language processing (NLP) software designed to help businesses in the finance industry analyze interactions between devices and human language and process large amounts of natural language data in real-time. It enables organizations to automatically extract critical information from business documents, predict operational risks,... Read more about Eigen
Low-code intelligent automation platform to design, build, test, and deploy process model apps. Read more about SS&C Chorus
SmartRoby is a cloud-based Robot as a Service platform that uses a business-oriented interface to manage all of an organisation's automated processes, with an economic model based on the actual consumption of robots and real-time visibility on the amortisation of automation projects. Read more about SmartRoby
The Scanbot SDK helps businesses to digitize any document by the integration of scanning and data extraction functionalities into mobile- or web applications. A quick and effective start into a paperless process. Read more about Scanbot SDK
VMA is an AI/OCR software that helps you reduce mortgage closing time by 15 days and document processing cost by 80%. Read more about Vaultedge Mortgage Automation
Ademero offers enterprise-level document management solutions at the SMB price-point with Content Central Document Management Software, CapturePoint Document Indexing Software, and Paige Document Indexing Services. Read more about CapturePoint
AllRead MLT is a Deep Tech & Computer Vision tracking and monitoring software for goods and vehicles in Ports and Intermodal Platforms with high accuracy, fast integration and hardware agnostic. Read more about AllRead
AP automation solution developed In NetSuite, for NetSuite. With NetSuite Customers. Read more about Scan and Capture
ITyX is an artificial intelligence-enabled platform designed to help businesses automate, capture and manage processes across emails and documents. Administrators can import, analyze, classify, enrich,and validate different text structures and utilize pre-configured formats and workflows to automate corporate processes. Read more about ITyX
Maple Flow combines a simple, freeform interface and a math engine. Read more about Maple Flow
Apowersoft Scanner enables individuals and businesses to scan PDFs and it utilizes OCR function to convert images and PDF to Word, Excel, TXT, so they could extract and modify the content for better information collation and digitization. Read more about Apowersoft Scanner
scan your business cards and convert them into digital contacts in your Outlook, Microsoft CRM, Salesforce, or Google Contacts address books? You have found the ideal solution: Cardiris Corporate 5. Read more about Cardiris 5
Search-It is a tool that uses OCR to extract text from various sources and converts the text into a format that is easily readable. The content is indexed and archived for later use. It is capable of reading from various sources, such as handwritten text, bar code numbers, checkboxes, and images. Read more about Hyarchis Search-It
d.3ecm is a comprehensive program for enterprise content management with a focus on documents. This software package can be used to streamline and automate document-related business processes. A number of tools are available for digitization. Read more about d.3ecm
fees is an application developed to help people tracking expenses in both working and private context Read more about Fees
Kili is a training data platform designed to help businesses in banking, manufacturing, and healthcare industries streamline the entire training process for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning models, from connecting with raw data sources to preparing models, processing information, and training. The platform enables organizations to... Read more about Kili
ApPost is a software for extracting and automatically reading printed and handwritten text in digital documents. Read more about ApPost
DocuFreezer is a file conversion application that helps businesses convert documents and images in formats including PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG and TXT according to requirements. Read more about DocuFreezer
Kofax VRS Elite is a complete standalone image-scanning tool for professionals. It helps to improve the quality of documents in order to facilitate their processing via character recognition (OCR) software. Read more about Kofax VRS Elite
Lasit 2.0 provides confidentiality and uses its own proprietary software and models. This OCR-based model is highly adaptable. It can convert unstructured data into digitalized tabular data. Read more about Lasit 2.0
Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing solution that can extract and interpret insights from text. Read more about Amazon Comprehend
Amazon Textract is a text extraction solution that allows users to extract text and data from documents. Read more about Amazon Textract
PrecisionOCR is a cloud-native, enterprise-ready medical document processing solution that can easily and accurately extract patient health information from unstructured documents. In just seconds, it can extract medical meaning from messy and illegible documents, such as fax, PDF, JPG, and PNG files. Read more about PrecisionOCR
TrelixAI is a SaaS solution that helps businesses automate document processing and the loan manufacturing process including pre and post-close quality control and service transfers. It enables users to eliminate repetitive tasks inherent in the loan review process. Teams can manage workflow tasks and configure due diligence checklists and... Read more about TrelixAi
Simplify and automate your billing or invoice payments with the Masters India Accounts Payable Automation solution. It will save time and money and your AP team effort In invoice processing and reduce manual data entry errors. Read more about Masters India Accounts Payable
Masters India's autoTax is a Comprehensive GST & E-Way biIll compliance automation solution for enterprises looking to eliminate human errors and lower costs. Read more about Masters India autoTax
DocHorizon - an Intelligent Document Processing solution that can automate all document related workflows. Extract, classify, convert, anonymize, and verify data in seconds. Save time, reduce costs, and prevent fraud. Get ready for the future, it’s time to automate. Powered by OCR and AI! Read more about DocHorizon
Procys includes AI-enabled OCR that allows you to process invoices without having to configure templates and set rules like conventional OCR services. Read more about Procys

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