Investment Management Software are digital solutions for managing and keeping track of an organisation’s investment portfolio and financial assets. They enables wealth owners, investors, portfolio managers, and other wealth management professionals to store and access investment data, and managing client investor relationships. That includes savings accounts, retirement accounts, trade funds (ETFs), mutual funds, index funds, active funds, stocks, bonds, and shares. In addition, they typically include tools for budgeting, risk assessment, audit compliance, managing personal finances, transferring funds, carrying out market analyses, and setting goals. Portfolio management software could be used by corporate investors, portfolio managers, and other professionals who manage their wealth to streamline investment workflows, comply with regulatory norms, and increase the performance of their funding activities. They could potentially let users manage all their investments in one place, even if they are distributed across the globe. They usually come with different brokerage charges, helping to group and classify them for easy reference. An investment tool can also track stock markets and free online securities sources using watchlists. Investor management software can help reduce reliance on manual data entry and spreadsheets, streamline data management, and improve transparency across the investment chain. They could also improve investor relations and foster trust by enabling managers to report to and communicate with shareholders or investors more effectively. In addition, they could automate accounting functions and streamline the contribution and distribution of investment funds. Finally, investment tools can help ensure auditability and compliance by using a centralised data repository with automated processes in place for the capturing, storing, sharing, and disposal of data in accordance with the law. One of the most typical features of wealth management software is the data import/export tool, which transfers reports and other files to and from the software. Another is the investment tracking feature, which enables users to monitor the allocation of capital and the fluctuation of asset prices over time. Fund management is also an essential feature, which organises the firm’s interactions with clients and their wealth. Investment tools are related to Stock Portfolio Management Software, Equity Management Software, and Hedge Fund Software since they enable users to manage all these investment types, among others.

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Online investment portfolio tracker that syncs with brokers and automatically track trades, dividends, and corporate actions. Read more about Sharesight
Mint pulls all your financial accounts into one place. Already more than 7 million users who know their information is always secure. All data is protected and validated by VeriSign and TRUSTe. Mint automatically pulls all your financial information into one place. Read more about Mint
Foundersuite is a financial CRM software designed to help startups find investors, manage investor relations, and track company funding progress. The solution integrates investor relations and fundraising tools into one platform. Read more about Foundersuite
AppFolio Investment Management is a commercial real estate software partner that enhances your investor experiences and simplifies your investment operations. Read more about AppFolio Investment Management
StockMarketEye is an easy-to-use portfolio management software for individual investors and asset managers. Track all of your investments in one place and take charge of your investing outcomes. Read more about StockMarketEye
Stessa is an ai-powered accounting solution, purpose-built for real estate investors with rental properties. Our essential tool empowers landlords to maximize their profits with personalized performance metrics, automated expense and income tracking, document storage, tax-ready financials and more. Read more about Stessa
IMS Platform is a cloud-based, fully integrated investor management solution for commercial real estate investment firms, with tools including distribution waterfalls, investor dashboards, document management, an in-built CRM, investor mobile apps for Android and iOS, advanced analytics, and more. Read more about RealPage IMS
MRI Software offers real estate owners and companies, property investors and operators a flexible cloud-based platform that spans residential and commercial property management, accounting and financial reporting, investment lifecycle, visitor management, FM, lease accounting, sales, lettings & more Read more about MRI Software
Juniper Square provides a way for GPs and their LPs to seamlessly connect and communicate across every stage of their partnership. Read more about Juniper Square
HiddenLevers is a portfolio stress testing platform that helps businesses generate investment proposals, monitor risks, and conduct stress tests, among other processes. Advisors can assess the impact of blending several strategies related to risk, asset allocation, overall yield, and total returns. Read more about HiddenLevers
Carta is an equity management solution that helps investors, public, & private firms manage cap tables, equity plans, investments, and valuations. The platform comes with features such as transfer agent services, portfolio insights, 409A valuations, safekeeping, & equity plan administration. Read more about Carta
Social Security Timing provides businesses with tools to optimize their clients' social security claiming strategies. The program offers the generation of reports in PDF format and analyses data to help maximize benefits. Read more about Social Security Timing
Backstop Solutions is an investment management platform which offers solutions for consultants & advisors, institutions & pensions, hedge funds, private equity & venture capital, endowments, and more, through a suite of products including Backstop CRM, Portfolio, Research, Accounting, Portal & IR Read more about Backstop
Seeking Alpha offers stock market analysis tools to assist with stock portfolio management. With this solution, users can access stock prices and charts, in-depth news and analysis, real-time updates, investing newsletters, data visualizations, peer comparisons, and more. Seeking Alpha can provide email alerts for stock news as well as upgrades... Read more about Seeking Alpha
Plaid is a technology platform which allows users to create connections between applications and bank accounts to authenticate accounts, check balances in real time, verify identities, validate income, pull transaction data, and verify borrower assets Read more about Plaid
Streamline cap table & equity management, tighten compliance, minimize risk, improve productivity. It's life beyond the spreadsheet. Read more about Certent Equity Management
Exirio is a wealth and portfolio tracker that provides API connectivity to thousands of banks, brokers and crypto platforms. Any kind of asset can be tracked, in any currency: Exirio calculates performance metrics per investment and in aggregate, as well as full performance history. Read more about Exirio
Our software makes it easy to analyze rental properties, BRRRR’s, flips & multi-family buildings, estimate profits and cash flow, and find the best real estate deals. Read more about DealCheck
Tyke is a cloud-based platform that lets investors and startup founders invest in private startups and track the performance of funds, KPIs & portfolios via a dashboard. Teams can easily track funds and manage deal flows. Read more about Tyke
Ledgy is used by Analysts and Managers at leading VC funds to keep track of their investments. Scalable dashboard monitors liquidity rate, comparison models, waterfall analysis and more with custom reports, analytics. Swiss made: always accurate, private, secure and legally compliant. Read more about Ledgy
Dynamo is an investment management software for private equity, hedge funds, funds of funds, & institutional investors, which supports industry-specific capabilities for managing fundraising, investor relations, and fund reporting, as well as manager due diligence, performance tracking, & more Read more about Dynamo
DealCloud is a deal, relationship, and firm management software that helps businesses manage processes related to fundraising, marketing, compliance, and more. It enables administrators to configure dashboards, reports, and notifications for specific employees, teams, or the entire organization. Read more about DealCloud
SourceScrub is a market research management software designed to help businesses identify and gain real-time insights into privately-held organizations. The platform allows managers to assess website traffic, buyer guides associated with different organizations, and job postings to determine prospects. Read more about SourceScrub
SyndicationPro helps organizations raise capital faster for any real estate syndication deal in less time. Read more about SyndicationPro
Best in class fund selection, portfolio construction tool used by 100s of institutional investors. Fast, user-friendly, 24/7 support. Read more about AlternativeSoft
WealthBlock provides a white-label platform that helps businesses integrate essential capital raising tools (CRM, cap table management, data room, e-signature, fund admin, investor verification, etc.) in an all-in-one solution to 10x fundraising productivity. Read more about WealthBlock
One single tool to stay on top of your investments and portfolio performance. With Rundit, investors can get holistic insights, make decisions from a unified data source, thus focus on investment returns and portfolio performance analysis. Read more about Rundit
Vantage is a private equity accounting solution that helps private equity and venture capital firms manage their funds and investments. The platform of integrated software solutions helps investors manage the entire private equity, real estate, and venture capital life-cycle. Read more about Vantage Software
EquityEffect is a cloud-based equity management solution for financial institutions, investors, law firms, and private businesses of all sizes. The platform enables users to monitor, manage, and structure shares with up-to-date and accurate cap tables, what-if analysis and digital documents. Read more about Diligent Equity
AIM is a cloud-based private equity CRM solution for Salesforce which helps firms of all sizes consolidate data into one central system to manage operations & workflow. The platform enables enterprises to streamline investments, portfolio, back-end systems, team collaboration, compliance, & more. Read more about AIM
TOGGLE is an AI-powered financial analytics software designed to help businesses monitor market data in real-time and gain insight into investments and opportunities. Features include data visualization, natural language processing, portfolio creation, email alerts, and asset due diligence. Read more about TOGGLE
Mosaic is a strategic finance platform that powers agile planning, real-time reporting, deeper analysis, and better decision-making for fast-growing startups. Consolidating data from ERP, CRM, HRIS, and billing systems, the platform provides a single source of truth across the business. Read more about Mosaic
Orchestra provides equity management software for growth companies so they can manage stakeholder requirements & relationships on one platform. Read more about Orchestra
Financial technology that helps small to large advisory businesses through risk assessments, portfolio analysis, retirement maps, remote meetings, lead generation questionnaires, and more. Read more about Nitrogen
Agora is a comprehensive, intuitive, and easy-to-use real estate investment management platform, enabling firms to raise capital faster, streamline operations, foster investor relationships and ultimately drive profits for themselves and their investors. Read more about Agora
Commercial real estate (CRE) investment firms grow AUM with Covercy Banking Core and investor management platform. Read more about Covercy
HedgeGuard is an investment portfolio management software with order, risk & compliance management tools, and position keeping & reporting capabilities Read more about HedgeGuard
FundCount is a Investment management software for family offices, hedge funds, private equity, fund administrators with integrated partnership and G/L Read more about FundCount
Capboard is the equity management software that is used to have a clear visibility over your company's equity, stakeholders and investors. It allows to easily manage equity plans, speed up fundraising and due diligence, and make simulations about future equity transactions, all in a few clicks. Read more about Capboard
Lendstream is a cloud-based loan origination and servicing platform which helps small to medium lending and brokerage companies with customer relationship management and debt collection. Key features include lead generation, interest rate matching, document management, loan servicing, and analysis. Read more about Lendstream
Active Trader Pro is a trading platform that lets active investors accomplish financial targets and formulate trading strategies. It provides in-depth market analysis, trading ideas and real-time analytics capability to monitor unprecedented highs or lows of the stock prices in the intraday volume. Read more about Active Trader Pro
Cash Flow Portal helps syndicators present new deals, share documents, administer property information, and manage fundraising. Read more about Cash Flow Portal
OptionTrax is an equity management software designed to help businesses manage capitalization tables, equity shares, valuations, and employee stock plans. Read more about OptionTrax
Yardi Investment Manager is an all-in-one solution for managing investor relations, automating the subscription agreement process and increasing visibility into detailed investment and property metrics via a branded portal. Read more about Yardi Investment Manager
ARGUS Enterprise is a cloud-based commercial property valuation and management tool for realtors and portfolio managers. It produces cash flow forecasts, stress tests, valuations, debt overviews, market-rate comparisons, and metric reports that users can export to Excel, including NOI and IRR. Read more about ARGUS Enterprise
MadeMarket is a purpose-built customer relationship and deal management platform designed for investment bankers and capital markets professionals. Key management features include dashboards with auto-generated data, ready-built around industry pipeline metrics that monitor tasks, projects, and deal flows with dynamic customization capabilities. Read more about MadeMarket
Designed for accounting, automotive, construction, hospitality, human resources, and other industries, Quoroom is a cloud-based equity management platform that helps streamline liquidity and funding processes related to statutory registers and filings, security transfers, account reconciliation, and legal document storage. Read more about Quoroom
U-Rite is an Excel-based valuation management software that helps commercial real estate businesses manage property cash flow and tenant underwriting operations within a proprietary model. Professionals can screen profiles, bid on deals, and perform sensitivity analysis to finalize investments. Read more about U-Rite
Human Interest is a 401(k) management solution that handles mutliple aspects of corporate finances such as payroll integrations, investment management, human resources, IRS compliance, and real-time financial reporting. The system automates employee portfolios that can be viewed and altered by employees at any time. Additionally, Human interest... Read more about Human Interest

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