Learning Management Systems (LMS) are software tools that enable organisations to host, deliver, and manage learning content online. They usually consist of an administrator interface used by training managers to organise their learning programs and a user interface that can be accessed by students and trainees. LMS systems can be offered as cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solutions, self-hosted tools, or deployed via a private cloud. Learning management software are used by independent instructors and professionals in many industries, including educational institutions, government agencies, consulting firms, NGOs, and private tuition firms. They aim to provide training for employees, customers, and partners, enhancing their skill sets and cultivating knowledge. The list of applications includes governance, compliance, corporate risk engagements, customer awareness programs, and live-streamed or recorded training tutorials. LMS software can help provide virtual distance training and e-learning content, promote a culture of continuous development, improve workforce retention rates, and motivate learners to improve their skill sets. As content can be updated potentially quickly and for all learners, instructors can switch from less effective materials, such as written coursework and in-person presentations. Regarding cost-effectiveness, LMS tools could possibly be more advantageous to set up and use than organising conferences and in-person meetings. Other advantages could include scalability and enhanced security. Typical features of both on-premise and cloud-based learning management systems include assessments and tests features, course tracking, a variety of blended and asynchronous learning models. LMS tools used for educational purposes have much in common with Online Course Software and Virtual Classroom Software, whereas those reserved for corporate applications tend to emulate Onboarding and Training Software.

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As the largest commercial provider of hosting and support services for the open-source Moodle learning platform, we help global organizations and institutions deliver great learning experiences without complexities. Read more about Open LMS
The Canvas Learning Management Platform, built by Instructure, is the open, extensible learning management system that educators use and learners love. Read more about CANVAS
With hundreds of millions of users around the globe and translated into over 100 languages, more organisations choose Moodle to support their education and training needs than any other system in the world. Read more about Moodle
Onboarding, routine training & custom courses: Connecteam’s learning management software is easy to use and quick to get started! Read more about Connecteam
Factorial is a powerful HR software for small to medium companies to automate administrative tasks such as documents, holidays, absences, and much more. Manage payrolls and securely store important documents or even offer flexible compensation and benefits for employees in just one place. Read more about Factorial
Performance Pro can support the purpose of your employee check-ins, coaching, and evaluation process with user-friendly business tools that help eliminate task-heavy headaches, and provide the ability to automate, track, and enhance overall employee performance. Read more about Performance Pro
Forma LMS is an open-source eLearning platform designed to help businesses provide corporate training related to talent management, integrability, and task management to employees. It focuses on large organizations and consulting companies. Read more about Forma LMS
#1 LMS Solution. Deliver targeted and effective worker training anywhere, anytime, on any device. Easy to access, enter and report data in real time. A platform with end-to-end functionality, add your own training resources or connect to a third party provider. Try now. Read more about HSI Donesafe
Kallidus Learn allows users to deploy, manage, track, and report on all types of learning across multiple devices Read more about Kallidus Learn
Totara Learn is an open source LMS designed for small and large enterprise across all sectors offering online and blended learning. Read more about Totara Learn
Sakai LMS is open-source software and provides a robust set of online learning features for higher education. It is designed to help educators provide a collaborative teaching environment to students. Because of its open-source flexibility and wide range of add-on components, Sakai LMS can be customized as needed using community-contributed tools... Read more about Sakai LMS
LoveMySkool is a unique community-based, free Learning Management system that empowers users to achieve learning goals through the use of technology Read more about LoveMySkool
ProProfs LMS is arguably the world's easiest learning management system in the cloud. It is attended by a fast-growing library of online courses. This is complemented by a centralized virtual classroom, quiz & survey-making tools, collaborative tool, and reporting. Create online courses in minutes. Read more about ProProfs LMS
ProProfs Training Maker is the world's easiest to use learning management system or LMS. It offers a complete solution for creating, sharing, and tracking online training courses and assessments with a worldwide audience. Businesses of all sizes use it for compliance and skills development training. Read more about ProProfs Training Maker
All-in-one educational App for instructors, students, parents, managers, academy, staff, MOOC for iOS, Android, Microsoft, Samsung on DeskTop, mobiles, tablets & TV. Read more about WPLMS
Start an eLearning site free of cost with the Tutor LMS WordPress plugin. Get the pro version to add advanced quizzes, certificates, grade books, assignments, content drip, push notification, email notification, Zoom integration, Google Classroom, and more. Read more about Tutor LMS
Opigno is an open-source, web-based Learning Management System built on Drupal. We provide custom-built LMS solutions and aftercare. You can custom-build the eLearning platform to your specific requirements using Opigno LMS as a framework. Leverage a highly flexible, scalability and extensible LMS built on Drupal technology. Read more about Opigno LMS
MOS Chorus is a complete and integrated Learning Management System (LMS) allowing Learning Managers to create unique and engaging learning experiences. The solution is fully customizable in terms of look&feel and features. Read more about MOS Chorus
Take control of your learning data - aggregate, analyze and automate with Learning Locker's powerful set of features. Read more about Learning Locker
An all-in-one and fully integrated Learning Management System (LMS). Paradiso Corporate LMS is a feature-rich, easy-to-use, fully customizable cloud-based LMS. Read more about Paradiso LMS
Since 2016, more than 850,000 learners worldwide are using Edflex in their company. These learners have access to quality, curated content, making it easier and more efficient for them to skill up and achieve their professional development goals. Read more about Edflex
CyberHoot is a sleek and easy platform that provides security awareness training, a pioneering zero-configuration phish testing, dark web monitoring, and more. Read more about CyberHoot
Centralpoint by Oxcyon is a digital experience platform & content management solution for enterprises. The cloud-based tool allows users to control knowledge, data, documents, forms, emails, learning, compliance, & more whilst also providing features for managing employees, clients & partners. Read more about Centralpoint
Skillsoft is a Learning Management System which customizes with content from Youtube, Coursera, xPro etc. and integrates with other LMS like Sumtotal, Saba, Workday and Cornerstone. Read more about Percipio
OpenEduCat is an open-source school management solution that helps educational institutions manage engagement, communication, and collaboration with students, teachers, and staff members. The course management tool lets users plan curriculum, transcripts, exam schedules, course hierarchies, and more Read more about OpenEduCat
Mind Workplace is a cloud-based software that offers users an intuitive interface and value-added options which can help companies manage their employees. Read more about Mind Workplace
Konvert is a B2B SaaS platform that integrates and repositions a learning management system (LMS) and digital asset management (DAM) as cost-efficient and smart tools for driving sales enablement, customer education and content marketing. Read more about Konvert
Academy LMS is the best solution for a course-based learning management system. Manage courses and discover much more amazing features with Academy and earn money. Read more about Academy LMS
Create, publish and manage engaging and personalized digital & blended learning content with Teach Up the All-in-one Adaptive Learning platform. Read more about Teach Up
Bundled with powerful features, Virtual Slate includes an intuitive user interface, customizable branding, eCommerce integrations, and reporting dashboards. Read more about Virtual Slate
MEDAD LMP is a cloud platform that offers all the necessary components to digitize learning, adhering to the highest standards of security. Read more about MEDAD Learning Management Platform
Drillster is a smart learning app that keeps critical competencies top of mind, so people can deliver top performance using the right skills at the right time. Effective and efficient, for both learning professionals and learners. Read more about Drillster

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