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Jahopp KiP is an innovative, simple, and cost-effective e-learning solution for any company size with customizable and flexible modular platform. Read more about Jahopp
aQuiRe's technology allows for simulation training, allowing workers to practice in a safe and controlled environment before working on a real job site. CAHill Tech offers comprehension quizzes and surveys that employees can complete before performing in dangerous environments. Ensuring knowledge. Read more about aQuiRe
emPower is a modern, cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that includes services such as online training and document management, simulated phishing test, and online skills checklists. It also provides online compliance training courses for government regulations, such as the Clery Act, Title IX, HIPAA, OSHA, Security Awareness, and others. Read more about emPower is an LMS that offers comprehensive training solutions for businesses of all sizes. It provides access to a wide range of courses covering various topics such as compliance, health and safety, soft skills, and more. The platform also hosts unlimited client courses too. Read more about ExpertLMS
Sledding LMS: a modern platform for evolving organizational needs. Our AI-powered, SCORM-compliant, mobile-friendly solution provides personalized, multilingual learning experiences. Empower your workforce with Sledding's user-centric interface and analytics-optimized training programs. Read more about Sledding
FAME (Film and Animation Makers Exchange) is a cutting-edge private social network exclusively designed for the digital entertainment industry. With a mission to connect, collaborate, and inspire, FAME provides a dynamic platform where movie and game creators can thrive and bring their creative visions to life. Read more about FAME
5Mins is a cloud-based microlearning platform that helps businesses streamline leadership, human resource, customer success, and finance learning processes. Read more about 5Mins
Flex simplifies your efforts to create, deliver and administer world-class learning experiences, all on one, integrated Digital Training System. Get started with a next-generation Digital Training System that goes beyond traditional Learning Management Systems. Read more about Flex LMS
Knowingo is a cloud-based learning platform that leverages artificial intelligence to help employees earn knowledge certificates, create organizational content, and schedule fun activities on a unified platform. Read more about Knowingo
Learning and Upskill Platform for a New Era of Learning and Development. Read more about thirst
Smart-Study is a learning management system designed to help businesses streamline internal training courses. Using the administration menu, users can configure and recreate the company structure with organizational and sub-organizational units as well as employee groups. Read more about Smart-Study
OneLMS is a cloud-based learning management solution that helps businesses create courses, quizzes, Q&A sessions, study material, and more on a unified platform. Read more about OneLMS
Graspway is a cloud-based learning management software that helps businesses create, handle, and analyze content datasets for students on a unified platform. Read more about Graspway
SparkLearn is a cloud-based learning experience software that helps businesses create course recommendations for learners and generate study content on a unified platform. Read more about SparkLearn
Q10 is cloud-based software that supports academic, administrative, and virtual education management for educational institutions. As a comprehensive service-oriented solution, it enhances the growth and profitability of your organization. Read more about Q10
Organize all upstream and downstream processes related to your online educational event. Conduct video conferences with EducateOnline and organize learning content in our Learning Management System. Read more about EducateOnline
Teasio is a coaching platform enabling HR companies, coaching groups, and training centers to provide coaching experiences, whether conducted remotely or in person. Read more about Teasio
Experience enhanced learning and heightened business productivity with EffectusLMS. A cloud-based platform offering meaningful training experiences, consistent across locations and devices. Maximize ROI through engaging learning, expert support, and insightful reporting. Read more about Effectus LMS
DrivEd is a learning management system (LMS) designed to assist educational and corporate enterprises in developing courses, overseeing curricula, and monitoring the progress of students or staff members. Users can upload multiple courses onto the platform and locate specific training programs using criteria such as course name, category, creation... Read more about DrivEd

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