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Causal is built for number-crunching — financial modeling, business planning, but really anything involving calculations. It's like spreadsheets minus the arcane formulas, plus live data integrations (accounting systems, CRMs, etc), and interactive dashboards. Read more about Causal
With Amplon, organizations can benefit from a new level of transparency that has a proven impact on employee engagement. Read more about Amplon
JIRA is the tracker for teams planning & building great products. Millions choose JIRA to capture & organize issues, assign work, & follow team activity. Read more about Jira
Smartsheet, an online work execution platform, empowers organizations to plan, track, automate, and report on work. Over 80,000 brands rely on Smartsheet for project and work management because of its easy-to-use interface, real-time gantt charts and dashboards, and work automation features. Read more about Smartsheet
Wrike is a business planning platform trusted by more than two million users across 140 countries. Features include business plan templates, intuitive Gantt charts, and customizable reports. Build detailed business plans with Wrike's software to impress stakeholders and boost your investability. Read more about Wrike
Aha! Roadmaps is the complete product management solution. Choose from six strategic models to visualize your business plan. Generate a roadmap to show the timing and scope of critical initiatives, launches, and projects. Create a live dashboard so you can track progress and communicate updates. Read more about Aha!
Kajabi is a content marketing system that offers individuals and SMBs a single and centralized platform from which to sell, market and deliver product content. It incorporates customizable themes, a landing page builder and video hosting as well as integrated payments & an interactive message board. Read more about Kajabi
Productboard is a customer-driven product management system that empowers teams to get the right products to market, faster. Read more about Productboard
LivePlan is the business planning and management software created to support the success of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Confidently plan, fund, and grow your business with LivePlan. Read more about LivePlan
STRATWs ONE is a cloud-based strategic management software designed to help businesses track and measure organizational performance according to defined goals and objectives. Managers can monitor employees’ performance through analytical reports and consolidate data from different sources to facilitate decision-making processes. Read more about STRATWs ONE
ClearPoint is strategy reporting software that automates the collection and dissemination of Business Performance Management, OKR, and other metrics and overlays them clearly against goals. ClearPoint makes it easy to keep everyone in your organization focused on those things that matter most. Read more about ClearPoint Strategy
Track the progress of your strategic plan with Balanced Scorecard Software, Strategy Maps, dashboards, and instantly generated exports in PDF, PPT, and Excel. Read more about ESM+Strategy
Innovative business planning software for entrepreneurs, startups, and teams. Read more about IdeaBuddy
Business Base is business management software that helps businesses set, measure, and execute their goals while supporting their day-to-day operations. Read more about Business Base
AchieveIt is the solution that leading organizations leverage to track, manage, and execute their business plans and initiatives. The AchieveIt platform automates manual processes associated with planning and execution, improving visibility, accountability, and alignment. Read more about AchieveIt
Bizplan is a modern business planning platform for entrepreneurs, startups & small businesses with a guided business plan creator & drag & drop templates Read more about Bizplan
Rhythm Systems is a cloud-based strategy execution solution which helps users review & implement business strategies based on weekly, quarterly & annual progress. Its company performance dashboard provides visibility into problem areas, allowing businesses to mobilize resources to address loopholes. Read more about Rhythm
A cloud-based business plan software that simplifies a business planning process with tailored business plan templates through better planning. Write an investor ready business plan with accurate financial projections. Bring innovation to your organization with the help of business model canvases. Read more about Upmetrics
Actio is a business management software designed to help organizations handle the budget, risk mitigation plans, employees' performance, goals, and more from within a unified platform. Teams can centralize communication across staff members by enabling alerts and notifications. Read more about Actio
Leanspots is a decentralized HUB where you can find all the resources to build a StartUp. Read more about Leanspots
Get AI-generated answers to all your business questions about companies, markets, and trends driving transformational change Read more about Vizologi
Intecplan is a software to prepare a business plan in an easy and practical way. Get your financial forecast by country, sector, sub-sector, and size. Read more about Intecplan
Valsight stands for a new kind of corporate management: agile business performance management. With Valsight, you can simulate scenarios and financial models easily and spontaneously. This means making better management decisions faster. Read more about Valsight
QVANTUM is a cloud-based business planning solution helping companies create and manage agile, collaborative, integrated, and scalable planning processes. The plattform for transparent, integrated, easy-to-use, and scalable planning. Read more about QVANTUM
iPlanner.NET Strategy Designer - to create your Annual Strategic Business Plans with your executive team Read more about iPlanner.NET
Mission Control is a project management tool that helps teams orchestrate their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. Read more about Mission Control
InPhase is a business management suite that offers strategy, project management, budgeting, risk management, ideas management, predictive analytics, and more Read more about InPhase
Lucidity is a strategy platform to build, communicate, execute and track corporate plans. These tools help leaders bring their strategy to life, engage their people, align their teams and successfully execute. Our customers can easily track progress, see performance and report on results. Read more about Lucidity
Planium Pro is a cloud-based business planning software designed to help small to medium-sized enterprises create strategic business plans. The centralized platform enables users to identify unique market opportunities, map competitor benchmarks, and test marketing strategies. Read more about Planium Pro
Valutico helps financial professionals perform business valuations in a fraction of the time Read more about Valutico
ProjectionHub is a web application that helps entrepreneurs create financial projections without the need for a PhD in spreadsheet modeling. Create monthly financial projections online and then download an Excel file with your Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Projections. Read more about ProjectionHub
ayeQ's leading RevOps platform helps B2B enterprises grow faster by aligning teams around a continuously improved growth strategy. Read more about ayeQ
Workfacta drives results with a disciplined approach to management tasks, convert business plans into actions, align teams to the business strategy, run integrated meetings to review critical business items, and facilitate decision-making with data. Managers always know what is happening at all time Read more about Workfacta
Data visualization software that transforms business data into engaging visual stories, helping you make smarter strategic decisions. Read more about SharpCloud Software
AI Automated business plan generator with features such as Automatic generation of plan full financial projections, income statements, cash flow and break even analysis, and unique algorithms. Read more about Business Plan Quick Builder
VISULT is the first management by objectives platform. It is designed to help managers deploy their business plans while improving collaboration and employee commitment. Read more about VISULT
Cuttles is a fully interactive and guided pitch and business plan software that helps entrepreneurs build, understand and grow their businesses. Read more about Cuttles
Growth Forge is a cloud-based software as a service that helps innovation teams formulate, model, and evaluate business strategies to iteratively develop concepts from a hypothesis into real businesses. Read more about Growth Forge
BizPlanBuilder is a cloud-based solution designed to help startups, small companies, nonprofits, and advisors launch and fund businesses with features such as templates, pre-written letters, and worksheets. It assists retirees with investing retirement funds in order to launch businesses. Read more about BizPlanBuilder
Supernova is a cloud-based solution that allows users to find their business model and build their pro forecast without any financial skills. Read more about Supernova
Klyck makes it easy to create, organize and share your knowledge, documents, data and more. Find what you need, when you need it. Read more about Klyck
The Funding Roadmap is a cloud based mutilple choice business plan and due diligence reporting system. It is designed to bring transparency and speed to the planning and funding of small businesses, lenders and investors who fund them.It can accommodate intake,evaluation and review in less time. Read more about Funding Roadmap
A powerfully simple way to agree and track who does what, by when. Create milestones, assign owners and track your progress - all via your web browser. It's business planning and project management, without the hassle. Actions (tasks and todo lists), Milestones, Workstreams and Goals. Integrate with your desktop calendar, and sign in via email,... Read more about Milestone Planner
Steelwedge offers a cloud-based Integrated Business Planning platform that merges sales, marketing, finance, and the supply chain. With an easy-to-use interface, easy-to-access SaaS applications and easy-to-configure platform, Steelwedge is a new breed of planning solution. Read more about Steelwedge starter is a software solution for entrepreneurs who are looking for support during the start-up phase. The application helps with the creation of business plans and offers market analysis and other additional functions. Read more about starter
Product Management Dashboard is a plugin for the Jira application, which helps organizations design, launch, and manage product development strategies and analyze prices, costs, roadmap, and market potential on a unified portal. The platform enables businesses to assign tasks and monitor changes across the teams using the TaskSignalizer. Read more about Product Management Dashboard – Strategic Product Management Software
Bizzmill is an easy-to-understand, step-by-step forecasting and strategy planning tool accessible to every entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs are not accountants but are required to have substantial financial knowledge. Bizzmill is a playful but very serious piece of software that enables entrepreneurs to become confident and more successful in... Read more about Bizzmill
As a business performance management tool, Serviceware Performance helps you in planning and forecasting, analysis, reporting, and more. Read more about Serviceware Performance
Blox helps business leaders with financial modeling and planning without the need for spreadsheets. With its marketplace of pre-built blocks, it has taken away the complexity of building a bespoke model and sped up the planning process massively. Read more about Blox

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