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Flexiproj is a salesforce add-on that uses agile project management with Kanban on macro-tasks and is synced with either the Gmail or Office 365 calendar Read more about Flexiproj
ExcelSeed is a software that helps companies stay organized and track what needs to be done in order to deliver on time. This platform allows users to create tasks, assign resources, monitor progress, collect status updates—and much more. Read more about ExcelSeed Projects
Upbase is a work and project management tool that enables businesses to handle tasks, files, chats, documents, and scheduling processes from within a unified interface to improve collaboration across teams. Read more about Upbase
Vervo is a fully customizable personal and professional management application that allows users to manage projects, daily agendas, team collaboration, and more. Read more about Vervo
Eazitron is a management suite that helps small businesses to manage invoices, inventories, projects, agendas, cash flows & more. Eazitron solutions are: simple, affordable (starting from 99€) & on-premises. Read more about Eazitron
Cloud-based platform that makes it easy for digital teams to manage projects in one place Read more about TaskBranch
TaskBrowse supports goal-based project planning. Teams can gain an overview of the project landscape and access employee management with OKRs, Read more about TaskBrowse
Give your teams a clear path to success with Nucleus One workplace collaboration platform. Empower teamwork even when far apart to meet important goals, milestones, and bottom lines. Create and manage projects, documents, and processes using tools that are quick, straightforward, and code-free. Read more about Nucleus One
EDWARD Suite is a decision-making platform that helps consulting firms and transformation offices manage complex project portfolios. Read more about EDWARD Suite
Flowup is a project management software designed to help businesses in the Brazilian market streamline time tracking, budgeting, job management, and financial management operations. It is aimed at small-to-medium-sized companies that need to track their employees working hours and expenses. Flowup can be used by any number of employees and has a... Read more about Flowup
Trackena is a project collaboration platform that helps businesses plan, organize, track and share everyday projects via a unified portal. Read more about Trackena helps users collect all their tasks and events in one view so that they can easily plan their week and stay productive the entire time. Read more about
Jigawatt is a sales and management solution for solar companies. Read more about Jigawatt
StaffNet is made with deskless and remote teams in mind. Employees can take work wherever they go. Avoid any hiccups and mixups by clearly defining the job within the scheduled event and employees can do the rest and get to work! Read more about StaffNet
Harpsen is an affordable project management solution that helps organize and run business operations in the wedding and event planning industry. It’s an all-in-one user-friendly and intuitive platform designed with you, your clients, and your vendors in mind. Read more about Harpsen
Sembly records, transcribes and generates smart meeting summaries with meeting minutes. Read more about Sembly
Zace is a Gantt chart-based Project scheduling and project management app, supporting smart project management, effective communication, and easy collaboration, from anywhere! Read more about Zace
ERP solution with task manager, CRM (leads/customer management, proposals, online signature, invoicing,) Project management (full suite with task manager, sharing documents, budgets, timesheet), support ticketing, subscription for recurring payments, expense management, contract manage, filesharing Read more about Yellow Jersey
RapidStart Project Management offers simple and intuitive web-based software that can help project managers manage all of their projects, including accounting and finance. Read more about RapidStart Project Management
CI’s platform for team building and training is designed to help companies seamlessly scale operations by enabling processes to be collected, measured and communicated. Read more about Collective CI
ProjectSync is a project management too that can replicate Project Server entities, including Projects, tasks and timephased baselines into a SQL database. Read more about ProjectSync
Create your own no-code apps to manage projects and automate processes. Read more about
projo is a cloud-based, all-in-one solution for architecture and engineering offices. Read more about projo
Nuvigant is an administrative control platform located in the cloud. The system includes a CRM, the analysis of key management indicators, automated budget calculations, document management, notifications, and alerts. It can also be integrated with the advanced electronic signature module. Read more about Nuvigant
Repasat is a cloud ERP for integrated business management. The platform includes a CRM, SAT, document management, human resources, project management, distribution, and logistics. The application is accessible on all devices from any browser with internet access. Read more about Repasat
ApuTime is a cloud-based virtual project assistant software that helps businesses in IT, marketing, media production, and other industries create projects, manage tasks, and handle business goals from a unified platform. It lets supervisors view real-time statuses of projects, costs, and tasks of team members. Read more about ApuTime
Tira is a one-of-a-kind all-in-one workspace that combines chats, channels, teams, tasks, boards, and deadlines to make your daily work less stressful and far more efficient. Read more about tira
Visualogyx is a cloud-based mobile and web platform that helps teams conduct digital inspections and audits and generate professional reports. An intuitive design empowers teams worldwide to conduct inspections and audits for safety, quality control, logistics, construction, residential, etc. Read more about Visualogyx
VirtualSpace is a project management tool that has been designed to help remote teams work together more efficiently. The platform consists of a number of different features that are designed to help make the process of collaborating and communicating easier. Read more about VirtualSpace
New technology for managing contracting projects. Construcllo is a project management tool which helps construction businesses streamline task management, document storage, employee schedules, equipment, and more. The platform offers various features such as preventative maintenance, warehouse management, file storage, and contractor management. Read more about Construcllo
TimO® helps teams get work done more efficiently. Manage projects, organize tasks, appointments, resources, invoices and record working times - all in one place. Read more about TimO
Forms automation solution to create, assign and track tasks Read more about FSM Lite
Complete project management and administration software (PSA) that works for you. Suitable for all business service providers and project-driven organisations. Read more about YVI Ruby
OpusFlow is an ERP system developed specifically for installation companies. The system ensures that the processes in an organization are streamlined and work can be done more efficiently. Read more about OpusFlow
Builderhead is a cloud-based construction management solution for real estate and construction project development and project management. The platform offers various features including customer relationship management (CRM), project portfolio management, task assigning, document tracking, pre-made templates, reporting, and more. Read more about Builderhead
T-PPM is Project Management cloud-based solution that helps to increase both efficiency in teamwork, as well as productivity for planning, management, reporting of work activities. T-PPM provides all needed tools for dynamic project management: gantt, milestones, wbs, tasks, documents, agenda, .. Read more about T-PPM

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