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TimeTap is a feature rich appointment scheduling solution for appointment-based businesses that enables clients to manage their own appointments and bookings. Read more about TimeTap
Cority offers enterprise level companies a web-based environment, health, safety and quality management software solution to enhance environmental sustainability, occupational health, safety and quality. Read more about Cority
Pomelo Health is a Patient Engagement Software Provider designed to improve the patient experience and streamline healthcare facilities' workflows. Trusted by over 20,000 healthcare providers and improving the healthcare experience of 20 million+ patients across North America. Read more about Pomelo Health
All-in-one inventory management software that helps medical practices track, monitor, and analyze products. It supports point of sales, multi-location, and order management. Integrated with leading PMS, EHR, and supplier systems that help streamline the operational workflows and boost efficiency. Read more about ArbiMed Inventory
Event management software for the world’s best events. Trusted by global brands and organizations for custom online invitations, guest check-in, and more. Read more about zkipster simplifies how individuals securely prove and share their identity online. Read more about
VaxCare is a vaccine management software designed to help businesses in the healthcare industry automate workflows, optimize vaccination inventories, and streamline billing operations via a unified platform. It enables organizations to interact with various vaccine manufacturers. Read more about VaxCare
Gaia Workspace is a comprehensive space management solution that offers room and desk booking, facility management, visitor management, and analytics capabilities. Gaia Workspace is designed to enhance your workspace efficiency and elevate your hybrid working approach with its reliability feature. Read more about Gaia Workspace
Powered by WellCheck and backed by over 30 years of enterprise compliance technology and safety experience, VaccineCheck generates an authenticated digital version of a customer’s CDC vaccine card after verifying COVID-19 vaccine history. Read more about VaccineCheck Digital Health Pass
We're the best all-in-one, cloud-based, clinic management platform for growing, ambitious clinics. Read more about Clinicea
GVET is a cloud-based veterinary management system that allows users to access all vet management functionalities from any device. Read more about GVET
Salesforce Health Cloud is a collaborative, all-round healthcare CRM and patient management software for healthcare providers, payers, and patients Read more about Health Cloud
Workplace management for the hybrid workplace. Easily book desks, know who's in office, safety tools, and improve team collaboration. Integrates with most major HRIS systems, Slack, and SSO/SAML. fds Read more about Worksphere
Ensure your compliance strategy is proactive instead of reactive with the ComplianceHR suite of solutions. These tools simplify the complexity of employment law and provide streamlined workflows designed for HR professionals and inside counsel teams. Read more about ComplianceHR
Safe & Clear by 1health pioneered the nation’s premiere testing and vaccination tracking solution to keep workforces safe. This revolutionary platform provides a complete solution to help track and prove compliance with OSHA vaccination and testing requirements. Read more about 1health
VaxManager is a cloud-based vaccine management software designed to help clinics, public health departments, universities, government organizations, and school administrators automate patient screening and prioritization processes, track waitlists, manage immunization appointments, and more. The platform allows healthcare providers to align... Read more about VaxManager
Vaccine Management System is a web-based software designed to help businesses streamline vaccine administration and distribution. Built within the GovConnect Salesforce platform, it enables local and state public health officials to expedite vaccine administration for a large population. Read more about Vaccine Management System
CroweVax is a vaccine management software designed to help businesses in the public sector including state and local health departments manage contacts, tasks, and inventory. The platform enables administrators to track approved vaccine distribution plans and allocations on a unified interface. Read more about CroweVax
Vaccine Management System is an appointment scheduling software that helps healthcare organizations monitor patients, handle billing, send notifications, and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to automatically generate, share and distribute immunization certificates via mobile applications. Read more about Vaccine Management System
Accenture Vaccine Management Solution is a vaccination management platform designed to assist the public sector with registration, dosage delivery, and symptom follow-up. It includes community education and engagement module, which lets state and local governments facilitate adoption and awareness about vaccines through campaigns. Read more about Accenture Vaccine Management Solution
VaccineXpress is a patient recording and vaccination management software that allows businesses in the healthcare industry to streamline administrative processes including appointment scheduling, inventory tracking, and patient workflow management. Read more about VaccineXpress
Salesforce Vaccine Cloud software is designed to help healthcare providers, government agencies, nonprofits, and other organizations streamline vaccine administration operations via a unified portal. The platform includes inventory management functionality, which enables organizations to view and monitor syringes, PPE, and vaccine dose stock... Read more about Salesforce Vaccine Cloud
Infosys Vaccine Management (IVM) is a cloud-based software designed to help state and local government organizations schedule and manage immunization programs via a unified portal. The platform includes an inventory management module, which enables healthcare centers to track stock levels and maintain information about vaccine receipts, storage,... Read more about Infosys Vaccine Management
ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management is an online application designed to help government organizations, pharmaceutical businesses, and healthcare providers to handle immunization storage, distribution channels, handling processes, and more from within a unified platform. Clinics can add inventory details including vaccine type and... Read more about ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management
Microsoft Vaccination Management is a medical inventory management software designed to help businesses in the healthcare and government sectors manage online registrations and appointment bookings. The platform enables managers to define eligibility phases, track inventory levels, and analyze outcomes of vaccinations. Read more about Microsoft Vaccination Management
Your patients, face-to-face in your own virtual clinic. Easy communication with patients with just one click. Read more about HasHealth
Kogniz AssureAI takes the hassle out of complying with regulatory and company policies with Vaccination Status & Test Results record management, automatic reminders, AI-driven, automatic vaccine card verification and reporting dashboards in a HIPAA-compliant, easy-to-implement solution. Read more about Kogniz
Using WorkSafe, businesses can quickly verify and document their employees' vaccine status. The platform includes robust filtering, export and notifications to easily manage compliance. Read more about WorkSafe
CoVerified is a vaccine management software that allows firms to report COVID-19 symptoms, track vaccinations, and ensure HIPAA compliance. Key features include immunization & allergy tracking, API, patient portal, medical records, mass alerts, reporting, online scheduling, and messaging. Read more about CoVerified
Reimagined vaccine management solution that unifies the process of vaccine distribution and solidifies the relationship between providers, patients and distributors. Read more about MazikCare VaccineFlow
ContactPath is a contact tracing and case investigation software designed to help businesses and public health organizations track and maintain a record of all individual's Covid-19 health status. Using the management dashboard, professionals can search for cases based on full names and access their basic information such as reporting status,... Read more about ContactPath
The AccuVax Vaccine Management System is a cost-effective way to improve your vaccine storage workflow. The system handles all aspects of vaccine storage and handling to assure maximum workflow effectiveness, freeing up staff time with workflows that automate CDC & VFC compliance, including temperature logs & inventory stock reports. Read more about AccuVax

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