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Google Chrome is a secure, cross-platform browser that brings the power of fast, advanced search capabilities and Google apps like Gmail, Google Pay, and Google Assistant into one platform, designed for any user. Read more about Google Chrome
Firefox is a web browser that provides users lightning-fast speed and web browsing tools with no privacy invasions. Read more about Firefox
Microsoft Edge is the default web browser for Microsoft OS. Microsoft Edge is designed to provide users total control over their browsing experiences, allowing users to control performance, compatibility, and speed. Read more about Microsoft Edge
Brave is a secure web browser that provides IPFS integration to load content faster and implement total web security, significantly improving browsing experiences. Brave is designed to block harmful ads and trackers across the board, loading major news sites up to six times faster than other web browsers. Read more about Brave
Safari is a secure web browser with built-in privacy protection technology that blocks trackers from viewing user’s information. Read more about Safari
Opera is a web browser that includes a free VPN, ad blockers, and integrated messaging capabilities to assist users browse securely and smoothly. Opera's built-in VPN reduces online tracking and shield browsing from third-party trackers, enabling users to secure their privacy online. Read more about Opera
Tor Browser is an online private browser designed to help businesses and individuals prevent unwanted parties from watching their internet activities. The system lets teams protect their identity and anonymity online by passing their traffic through three separate servers before sending it to the destination. Read more about Tor Browser
Polypane is a stand-alone web browser for developers with built-in tools for responsive design, accessibility, performance and meta info. Polypane shows your site in multiple viewports and gives you all the information you need to create high-quality web experiences. Read more about Polypane
Avast Secure Browser is a private browser that allows users to easily manage security & privacy settings, ensuring seamless and secure browsing experiences. Read more about Avast Secure Browser
Vivaldi Browser is a multi-platform browser that provides robust personalization controls to help users create the browser they want. Read more about Vivaldi Browser
Focos is a workplace browser that prioritizes productivity by keeping all business communication and applications in one place, reducing web distractions and shifting in and out of the pages. Read more about Focos
Chromium is a free open-source platform that allows developers to build and work with the Chromium source code. Developers can compile the Chromium source code into any customizable web browser. Read more about Chromium
Wavebox is a chromium-based browser that supercharges productivity for personal or team use. Replace multiple tabs with a digital workplace for all daily web SaaS apps and websites. Read more about Wavebox
With RemoteHQ, your remote meetings just got a whole lot more collaborative. Through our Remote Browser, teams co-browse the web - bypassing miscommunication between users and replacing screen share. Read more about RemoteHQ
Logii is an anti-detect browser that allows users to run multiple ad accounts without getting fingerprints from giant websites. With this browser, users can create multiple profiles, each will have its own environment. Read more about Logii Browser
Rambox is a cross-platform workspace browser that optimizes productivity for business and personal use. Designed for single app management, Rambox centralizes all apps in one place, allowing users to maintain and organize frequently used applications in one dashboard. Read more about Rambox
SRWare Iron is a cross-platform browser that is completely secure, clean, and minimalistic. Built on Chromium, SRWare Iron protects and secures data by completely removing alternate error pages, browsing suggestions, error reporting, and URL/RLZ tracking. Read more about SRWare Iron
Need a hand to streamline your day-to-day productivity on your PC? Give OneLaunch a try! Read more about OneLaunch
Web Xplorer allows users to browse, look for updates, and research from within a Microsoft Office file window. Read more about Web Xplorer

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