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Bitly is a link management software, which helps organizations create and manage custom URLs to support marketing campaigns, provide information, and establish brand identity with clients. Users can generate and share branded links for blogs, landing pages, webpages, social media, and more. Read more about Bitly
DrumUp is a social media and content marketing solution that helps businesses schedule posts, generate content suggestions, monitor accounts, and more from within a unified platform. It enables staff members to follow updates across feeds and link business blogs to social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Read more about DrumUp
Missinglettr is a social media marketing software that helps bloggers and content marketers amplify content from existing blogs to create posts for social media. The solution allows managers to schedule posts across various social media handles to generate website traffic and leads. Read more about Missinglettr
Droplr is a remote collaboration & communication tool enabling remote teams to instantly swap screenshots & share screens & files with teammates & clients Read more about Droplr
RocketLink is a URL shortening and link retargeting platform designed to help marketers, bloggers, and publishers add retargeting pixels and custom scripts to URL links. The application enables users to generate call to actions (CTAs), branded domain names, and customizable link thumbnails via a unified platform. Read more about RocketLink
Linkly is a cloud-based link management solution that allows enterprises to monitor website traffic and user engagement via click tracking. It enables users to customize generated links by adding domain names and track usage based on location, platform, destination, or referrer. Read more about Linkly
Sniply is a social media conversion tool with which marketers can add calls-to-action to any page, & everything they share, including links to articles Read more about Sniply
Sharest is a URL shortener software that helps agencies utilize really simple syndication (RSS) feeds to automatically generate links and share them across various social media platforms. Administrators can embed quizzes, calls-to-action (CTA) buttons, tracking pixels, chat widgets, and other marketing tools to attract and engage audiences. Read more about Sharest
Boost is a web-based opt-in link creation tool designed to help businesses add social sign-up buttons to their website to nurture leads, improve conversion rates, and enhance visitor experience. It lets teams collect verified email addresses that people use while creating social accounts on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Read more about Boost
Geniuslink helps eCommerce businesses handle the localization, tracking, and management of links to help improve revenue and customer engagement. The choice pages let users design, launch, and manage personalized product landing pages with custom logos, images, themes, layouts, and disclaimers. Read more about Geniuslink
Brand, Track & Share your own branded short URLs through one powerful platform. Read more about PixelMe
Cuttly is a URL shortener software designed to help businesses of all sizes shorten, track, and optimize links on a unified interface. The platform enables administrators to set up link expiration parameters based on the number of clicks and date. Read more about Cuttly
BL.INK is a link management software designed to help enterprises shorten, brand, track and control URLs. Teams can monitor and measure touchpoints across engagement journeys, edit vanity keywords and utilize graphs or charts to gain insights into clicks between date ranges based on geographical locations. Read more about BL.INK
Emitto is a social media management software that helps businesses manage customer communications across multiple channels from within a unified platform. It enables staff members to create personalized campaigns and segment audiences based on multiple categories, such as country, gender, and consumer habits. Read more about Emitto
ClickMeter is a link, affiliate, and conversation tracking software designed to help affiliates, agencies, publishers, advertisers, and developers manage marketing links on a single platform. It allows marketers to create campaigns, post tracking links on forums, social networks, or other sources, and gauge performance using a real-time reporting... Read more about ClickMeter
Brandwise is an enterprise-grade digitization application for brands to authenticate products and engage with consumers. It is powered by blockchain. Read more about Brandwise
Lnnkin is a Url shortening application with many advanced features. Read more about Lnnkin
Pretty Links is a link management software that allows businesses to handle URL redirects, social media links, and affiliate links from the WordPress website’s admin interface. Teams can create custom 301 and 302 redirects, and social media links for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms. Read more about Pretty Links
All-in-one automated UTM Builder and Link Management platform for Marketers We create your tagged links, short links and spreadsheets. For businesses using Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. Read more about CampaignTrackly brings together on a single platform shortener for branded links pixel retargeting, and links page for social networks and QR code. Read more about
Jelly URL is a link-shortening solution. Users can create custom links and schedule changes to their link destinations. They can also use Jelly URL to integrate UTM tracking, QR code generation, custom domain names, link endings, and more. Read more about Jelly URL
Clkim is a branded URL shortening platform that enables marketers to turn ordinary links into trackable, monetizable assets that work anywhere, online & offline Read more about Clkim
Abre AI is a tool that shortens links, making them more friendly for sharing through social networks and other media, such as email and WhatsApp. Using this software it is possible to access the history of shortened links and group them for easier management. Read more about Abre AI
Yohn is a branded URL shortener allowing you to create custom short links using your own domain name. It comes with built-in analytics, and file sharing functionality and can either be used as a SaaS solution or hosted in your AWS account, which guarantees low running costs and maximum privacy. Read more about Yohn
oogur is a cloud-based link management tool for digital marketers, which helps create, edit, tag, shorten and clone campaign uniform resource locator (URLs) & urchin tracking modules (UTMs). It allows users to pre-define sources & create multiple URLs for one campaign with different sources. Read more about oogur
Bit.Do is a URL shortener software designed to help businesses shorten long web addresses and gain insights into click-through rates in real-time. The platform enables managers to create human-readable links and personalize them using custom text. Read more about Bit.Do
T2M is a cloud-based platform, which helps businesses generate customized short URLs, branded short links with custom domains, and track clicks on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis through timeline charts. Read more about T2M
Extensive URL shortener that combines the benefits of marketing strategies and in-depth analysis Read more about Veshort
ACTIVATE is an influencer discovery and casting solution that helps brands and agencies partner with influential individuals and drive campaigns on a unified dashboard. It includes a campaign management module, which lets administrators launch collaborations, configure usage rights based on partnership agreements, choose payment options from... Read more about ACTIVATE
Tinycc is a URL shortener designed to help government agencies, schools, and businesses manage domains, campaigns, redirects, teams, and more on a unified platform. Its white-label capabilities allow administrators to personalize the dashboard by adding logos and colors. Read more about Tinycc
Neontools hosts a variety of essential marketing tools and replaces the most used platforms of the industry. - Micro Landing-Pages to gather your important links on one page. - URL Shortener with integrated analytics and the option to customize your domains - IG Hashtag Analyzer - and much more! Read more about neontools
Tiny is a tool that simplifies and shortens links, to make them easily shareable, on social networks, in blog posts, and in business e-mails. This solution is also able to track the clicks of each link and check statistics. Read more about Tiny
smartURL is a marketing tool to create smarter, shorter URLs Read more about smartURL is a link management platform designed to help individuals and small and growing companies enhance reach out without comprising on costs or branding. Key features include bulk link management, custom domain support, API integration, and much more. Read more about is a cloud-based URL shortener that helps marketing professionals generate leads, create branded CTA buttons, handle SMS marketing, update social media content, and more. The platform offers various features such as theme libraries, pixel retargeting, link tagging, CSS management, and email marketing. Read more about

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