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With Work OS you can easily manage your company’s internal documentation on one collaborative platform. Use customizable templates to create everything from meeting notes to forms, share and collaborate with your team members in real-time, and use automations to speed up approvals. Read more about
Evernote helps you capture and manage ideas, projects, memories, and to-do lists in a single place. Write notes, attach documents, scan images, take voice memos, or clip from the web to organize everything from big projects to personal moments. With Evernote, you can focus on what matters. Read more about Evernote Teams
Notion is a project and workflow management solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to goal setting, status tracking, lead management, and more on a centralized platform. It enables users to utilize the drag-and-drop interface to organize, rearrange, and develop ideas or plans. Read more about Notion
Microsoft OneNote is a free cloud-based digital note taking app that allows users to create and organize meeting notes, journal entries, lab results and more. Users can take that notes are then instantly converted into digital text for improved organization and less retyping. The product offers deep search functionality for all notes stored in its... Read more about Microsoft OneNote
Aha! is the world's #1 product development software. Our suite of tools works together to help teams turn raw concepts into new capabilities — for customers and the business. Set strategy, crowdsource ideas, spark creativity, prioritize features, share roadmaps, manage releases, and plan development Read more about Aha!
Notejoy is a collaboration tool, which helps organizations capture, share, and discover ideas using notes to generate roadmaps, blog posts, call scripts, onboarding material, OKRs, and more. Users can upload images, create checklists, share codes, and define markdown syntax and keyboard shortcuts. Read more about Notejoy
Nimbus Note is a working hub for teams and clients. It can be used as a solution for collaboration and knowledge management. The Nimbus workspaces serve as back-offices for teams, and no-code websites Nimbus Portals help to collaborate with clients. Read more about Nimbus Note
Google Keep is a web-based note-taking application designed to help individuals and professionals capture ideas with their voice, check tasks off to-do lists, add images to notes, and more. It lets users create, share, and collaborate with team members on lists and notes. Read more about Google Keep
LiquidText brings all documents with your highlights, annotations, observations and notes into a unified workspace and allows you to make live connections among, between and within anything in the project by just drawing lines. Read more about LiquidText
Zoho Notebook is an online note taking applications which helps you to organize everything that matters to you. It lets you create, aggregate, save and share your important notes online. Move objects between pages and notebooks or export an entire book as an HTML page. Read more about Zoho Notebook
Otter is a transcription software designed to help businesses generate notes for meetings, interviews, and lectures through voice dictation or file transcription. The AI-enabled solution allows organizations to record, organize, and save voice notes and interactions in a centralized repository. Read more about Otter
Mendeley is a reference management software designed to help researchers organize and share research papers and discover research data. It enables users to store, note, and cite references, access cross-publisher articles, and directly import documents from desktop applications in real-time. Read more about Mendeley
Akiflow is a tasks and calendars productivity application, which enables users to capture tasks from multiple sources, process fast with shortcuts like plan and snooze, and increase focus and personal organization. Read more about Akiflow
Make sure you never let a relationship go cold. Stay in touch with clients and personal contacts. Covve Personal CRM is your personal assistant app, reminding you to keep in touch and giving you the right excuse to reach out. Read more about Covve App
GoodNotes is a digital note-taking software designed to help businesses take, edit, store, and manage handwritten notes via mobile and web applications. The platform includes handwriting and optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which enables users to search digital notes using custom keywords. Read more about GoodNotes
Spike turns email into chat, so you can work and collaborate efficiently - with anyone. Welcome to the future of email. Read more about Spike
Slite is a collaborative documentation platform designed to help small and midsize businesses create, share, and update knowledge bases to facilitate team meetings and employee onboarding. It lets users manage project plans, view version history of documents, and receive team activity updates. Read more about Slite
For researchers, Citavi is the only all-in-one scholarly note-taking and reference management application that streamlines organizing and reviewing articles, taking notes, and writing papers in one place so that they can focus on what matters – research and publishing. Read more about Citavi
Notezilla is a task management platorm, which lets users take simple notes on their desktop, share sticky notes over email, as well as create reminders to keep track of their schedule. It comes with a variety of font styles and colors that are easy to use and quick to customize. Read more about Notezilla
Notability is a mobile-based note-taking application, which helps individuals collaborate and manage projects using sketching and PDF annotation tools. Users can create hand-crafted notes with GIFs, web pages, or images, rotate or color the ideas, and organize them as per requirements. Read more about Notability
EssentialPIM is a cloud-based personal information management software designed to help small to midsize businesses view, store, and manage all personal and important information in a secure and centralized database. The platform enables organizations to update, edit, and organize appointments, notes, contacts, passwords, tasks, and emails across... Read more about EssentialPIM
ReClipped is a mobile-compatible web-based solution, also a chrome plugin for Individuals and Teams to take private timestamped annotations on videos for note-taking, research, feedback, and analysis. Read more about ReClipped
Realquantum is a SaaS software platform for commercial appraisers. It helps them eliminate tedious manual work and increase revenue by 50%. Read more about Realquantum
Instant AI Meeting reports for Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft. Instantly, after your meeting, get 4 bullet points for an e-mail, a video clip of a hit moment on Microsoft Teams, an automatic summary for your CRM, and a video reel for Slack. Before your Meeting, prepare meeting agendas in seconds. During the meeting, drive the meeting by... Read more about Spoke
Laxis takes notes for you automatically and accurately. You have the power to run your meetings free of having to record every word, allowing you to focus on the people and the conversation. Laxis is available for Google Meet, Zoom, and soon to Microsoft Teams and Cisco WebEx. Read more about Laxis
MeisterNote is the simple way to create beautiful online documentation. Choose from over 15 content block styles to help your notes stand out from the crowd. Read more about MeisterNote
With Cling for Teams, you will experience collaboration that is shaped by a common togetherness. No complicated user interface, no superfluous functions that nobody needs, and no long setup time. Everything in Cling is optimized to work smoothly. Read more about Cling
isLucid is a meeting management software for all your employees that helps manage Microsoft Teams video conferencing software meeting information and transcripts with an inbuilt AI meeting assistant. Read more about isLucid
Flyte is a sales acceleration platform that helps sales leaders boost their deal pipeline through competitive insights and deal intelligence Read more about Flyte
xTiles is a cross-platform visual note-taking app helping creative people structure and enhance ideas in one place. The app supersedes several tools, combining the power of whiteboards and text editors. It eliminates the exhaustion of switching between content, giving time and space for creativity. Read more about xTiles
Kiroku uses AI to help clinicians (primarily dentists and veterinarians) produce accurate notes using customisable and clickable templates. Write comprehensive notes a third of the time. Read more about Kiroku
EQUP is designed is to bridge the gap between the currently available solutions and the requirements of small business owners. Things that no one else offer - Inventory pooling - Free version has no feature restrictions - Dedicated resource to manage your account. - Industry-specific solutions Read more about EQUP
Reason8 is a cloud-based speech-to-text app which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate note taking & summary preparation from in-person meetings. The platform supports multi-device reporting, highlighting, action item extraction, decision recording, transcript & summary exports, and more. Read more about Reason8
Note taking app, EdgeNotes, sits minimalised on the edge of your screen and barely noticeable, move your mouse to it and it will slide out ready for action. It is designed to be highly convenient and unobtrusive and very easy to use. Read more about EdgeNotes
Reflect is a note-taking platform that helps users organize, synchronize and manage notes from within a unified platform. The system encrypts and backlines notes. Read more about Reflect
Repeda is an online study platform driven by a spaced learning algorithm. Read more about Repeda
Notabase is a powerful & easy-to-use personal knowledge base for networked thinking. Use it to think more clearly and be more productive. Read more about Notabase
Just by keeping your notes in Signal Flare, your marketing context is presented where you need it most - inside your analytics and overlaid on your charts. Read more about Signal Flare
Cloud-based note-taking software that helps businesses store files and other documents in the database. Read more about Notud
CareNote is a pastoral and congregational care software helping churches, teams, care providers care for those in the care network. Read more about CareNote
Sybill captures your buyer's verbal and non-verbal signals (body language, gaze, expressions) on calls in the context of the conversation to flag buying signals, warning signs, and what's resonating with them. Accelerate revenue with a much deeper insight into their mindset than you've ever had. Read more about Sybill
Jamworks enables users to overcome barriers with live captioning, banish information overload with assisted note taking, and boost comprehension with AI generated revision quizzes. Read more about Jamworks
Teams are working relentlessly to grow the business and are spending most of the time in meetings with customers or colleagues. But manually taking notes during meetings is painful. Transcriptions are lengthy and useless, so you don't look at them once it's generated by some AI. Businesses can now summarize conversations with Instaminutes. Read more about Instaminutes
Sembly records, transcribes and generates smart meeting summaries with meeting minutes. Read more about Sembly
ERA is a markdown note-taking tool built for developers and their needs. ERA makes it easier than ever to create and organize notes and documentation. Read more about ERA
Voice Comment HT is a Microsoft Word add-in that allows users to add audio or voice comments in Word document comment boxes, allowing more comprehensive comments with nuance and context without taking up the space of text comments. Read more about Voice Comment HT
Notably is a cloud-based data-driven platform thoughtfully designed for research workflow. It lets users create a research repository, manage and track participants, analyze research data and share insights. It helps teams find insights by collecting, analyzing, and sharing qualitative research. Additionally, Notably replaces note-taking apps,... Read more about Notably
GoodPlan Notes is a cloud-based and on-premise note-taking solution that lets users split notes, add notes for a specific date, and store notes in a unified platform. Read more about GoodPlan Notes is a cloud-based note-taking platform crafted to assist individuals in capturing, storing, and exchanging meeting notes. Enhance the effectiveness of your one-on-one meetings and foster collaboration by collectively working on meeting notes and shared goals. Read more about
TagSpaces is a free, open-source file organizer that helps you manage your digital life with tags. You can easily categorize and search for files and folders across multiple platforms. With its customizable interface, you can personalize your experience and easily navigate your files. Read more about TagSpaces

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