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MondlyWORKS is one of the fastest-growing L&D tools for companies that has changed the way employees learn languages by implementing the latest available technology and gamification. Read more about mondlyWORKS
Kahoot! is a gamification software designed to help corporate trainers and teachers create interactive presentations, training material, and learning games. Individuals can prepare for tests using flashcards, games, quizzes, and peer challenges, ensuring optimal engagement. Read more about Kahoot!
Duolingo is a learning management system that helps schools offer bite-sized learning modules to teach speaking and reading different languages including Spanish, French, Italian, German, French, and English. The platform offers gamified lessons, which enable trainees to learn and incorporate grammar and vocabulary skills. Read more about Duolingo
Recognized GSV Edtech 150 and CB Insights AI 100 and trusted by 20M+ users and 400+ companies worldwide, ELSA offers immediate feedback for users’ both scripted and unscripted input speech to sound like a native speaker. Join an interactive and engaging learning communities with ELSA Read more about ELSA Speak
Speexx is a digital on-the-job professional development solutions provider that helps global organizations create, launch, and manage language training and business coaching programs for professionals. Read more about Speexx
OpenSesame is a course curation and corporate learning program management solution to help businesses of all sizes to train employees and build a more engaged workforce. The cloud-based platform offers over 20,000 curated courses and also allows users to author their own learning programs. Read more about OpenSesame
Rosetta Stone Enterprise is a learning management software that helps businesses in construction, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and other industries set-up online courses to learn foreign languages, such as Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, and Russian. Read more about Rosetta Stone Enterprise
Your options, your freedom, and your enjoyment increase when you widen your horizons. You will gain a lot whether you decide to learn a new language for the purpose of making new friends, finding the love of your life, personal growth, culture immersion, professional advancement, adventure travel, or just as a fun hobby. Read more about LearnLanguages24
Busuu is a learning management system (LMS) designed to help schools, universities, and corporate businesses create, launch, and manage language training programs for students and employees. The platform enables educators to manage multiple language courses and interact with native speakers. Read more about Busuu
Babbel is a language learning platform designed to help businesses access courses, lessons, and other training content in multiple languages such as Polish, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, and more. Read more about Babbel for Business
Open English is a training administration software that helps businesses provide personalized learning courses to employees and assess their performance on a centralized platform. Supervisors can utilize built-in assessment tools to track the progress of employees in accordance with corporate objectives. Read more about Open English
Nibelung is a Multimedia & Digital Language lab and classroom software control, it works in a wired/wireless Local Area Network with computers, compatible with Microsoft and Android platform. Read more about Nibelung
Drillster is a smart learning app that keeps critical competencies top of mind, so people can deliver top performance using the right skills at the right time. Effective and efficient, for both learning professionals and learners. Read more about Drillster
Mango is an online language learning software designed to help government organizations, educational institutions, libraries, and businesses offer corporate training to employees in multiple languages using listening or reading activities, courses, conversational lessons, critical-thinking exercises, and more. Administrators can gain insights into... Read more about Mango
LearnCube is a virtual classroom that provides online education tools for businesses & helps users manage online teaching, class scheduling, payment processing & more. It allows teachers, tutors & trainers to teach online using audio, video, digital material, an interactive whiteboard & more. Read more about LearnCube
Yabla is a web-based platform for learning or teaching languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, and German. It is suitable for all learner levels from beginners to advanced. Yabla includes various types of video content that show native speakers having everyday conversations, such as TV shows, documentaries,... Read more about Yabla
SoapBox Labs builds speech recognition technology for kids. Its proprietary technology has been built to deliver private and accurate results for kids ages 2 to 12 of all accents and dialects. Soapbox Labs also takes into account kids’ unpredictable speech patterns and behaviors. Read more about SoapBox
chabaDoo is a learning management system (LMS) that helps learners acquire knowledge and skills. Teams can reuse micro-learning objects. These learning objects are breaking complex topics into smaller, manageable chunks, so learners can focus on one concept at a time, making it easier to understand and remember. Read more about chabaDoo
7Speaking is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses manage processes related to English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian language training. 7Speaking provides news-based lessons on relevant industries which get updated on a daily basis. Read more about 7Speaking
Hack Chinese is a cloud-based language learning platform designed to help students improve retention of Chinese characters using flashcards and spaced repetition system. Read more about Hack Chinese
CAE Learning Suite is a web-based platform designed to help academy centers, schools, vocational training institutes, and online tutors build, personalize, edit, and digitize language courses. Read more about CAE Learning Suite
LearnSOFT LLMS is a web-based and on-premise language learning software designed to help schools improve spoken english across students using audio, audio-visual, and written materials. Read more about LearnSOFT LLMS
goFLUENT is an application designed for companies wishing to expand the limits of language training. The package is not only aimed at language training institutions but also at professionals who wish to outsource their organization, regardless of its size or architecture. Read more about goFLUENT
Rocket Languages will help your people to connect across countries and cultures, improving communication and productivity. Our courses will inspire them and give them the tools they need to master new languages in a way that's tailored to their learning styles – for better results, wherever they are Read more about Rocket Languages
TalkPal is a go-to solution for cost-effective, flexible language learning designed for businesses is a cloud-based, GPT-powered AI language tutor. Read more about TalkPal

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