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Talview is an AI-powered, end-to-end recruiting and proctoring solution designed for high volume recruiting and proctoring needs. Key features include video interviewing, pre-hire assessments, behavioral insights, and more. Read more about Talview
Synap is an award-winning LMS that lets organisations deliver personalised, effective and engaging training at scale. Read more about Synap
YouTestMe GetCertified is an online examination & certification solution with automated test & answer generators, multi-level question pools, certificate designer & more Read more about YouTestMe GetCertified
Integrity Advocate is web-based software for online proctoring, identity verification, and participation monitoring. It works on all tablets, Chromebooks, laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. Read more about Integrity Advocate
Examus Proctoring is an AI-enabled online proctoring solution designed for academic institutions, corporate trainers, recruiters, certification providers, and others needing to secure online exams. Examus Proctoring is compatible with PCs and mobile devices and can integrate with LMS and testing platforms. Read more about Examus Proctoring
ProctorEdu is a proctoring solution for supervising online exams. It can be used to monitor test-taker behavior and is suitable for educational institutions, business recruiters, and certification providers. ProctorEdu provides various exam monitoring options, including fully automated, record and review, and live proctoring. The platform can... Read more about ProctorEdu
BTL Surpass is a web-based assessment solution for businesses and educational institutions, which provides features such as test creation, live and automated proctoring, automatic grading, and detailed performance data. Read more about BTL Surpass
Honorlock is a web-based exam proctoring software designed to help schools and universities monitor exams live using AI technology. It lets college administrators customize online exams and generate analytics. Read more about Honorlock
ProctorU is an assessment management software that helps academic institutions record and review exam sessions to identify suspicious events. Key features of the platform include multi-factor identity verification, live proctor monitoring, end-to-end video recording, incident reporting, and time-stamped video events. Read more about ProctorU
Proctorio is a proctoring solution designed to help businesses in the corporate, public, and education sectors verify students' identities and record actions across remote examinations using webcams. It uses facial detection and machine learning technologies, allowing administrators to automatically monitor remote examinations and authenticate the... Read more about Proctorio
Examity provides auto and live proctoring solutions designed to protect test integrity for colleges, universities, certification providers, and employers. It offers configurable authentication options, exam recordings, flagged violations with video, human auditing tools, and more. With AI-enabled auto proctoring, Examity can confirm test-taker... Read more about Examity
Uxpertise XP is a testing and proctoring solution for businesses and educators. The web-based platform aids users with managing test questions and answers, automated or live proctoring, and grading, and it can be integrated with uxpertise LMS to ensure grades are automatically synced with the educator’s lesson plans and student profiles. Read more about uxpertise XP
eLysa Grade is a web-based examination solution for educators, which provides features such as automatic grading, violation tracking, time limits, screen lock down, and biometric recognition. Read more about eLysa Grade
DigiProctor is a web-based testing and proctoring solution for schools and businesses across all industries, which provides features such as exam scheduling, question bank management, live proctoring, grading, and post-exam reporting. Read more about DigiProctor
Proctortrack offers remote proctoring solutions for academic organizations. To protect exam integrity, the platform provides automated ID verification, using biometric scans, and enables proctors to monitor test-taker behavior during exam sessions. Proctortrack can lock down web browsers, secure mobile devices, scan test-taker rooms using web... Read more about Proctortrack

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