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CloudTalk is a cloud-based call center solution for sales and support teams looking to improve productivity, customer satisfaction and sales numbers. Integrate CloudTalk with existing tools, buy phone numbers from 140+ countries, use 70+ advanced features and monitor team performance in real-time. Read more about CloudTalk
Zoho Desk, Zoho's flagship web-based customer service software, helps businesses of all sizes and types deliver superior customer service without spending a fortune. Read more about Zoho Desk
LiveAgent is a cloud contact center / Help desk software. It helps businesses manage all customer interactions with multichannel ticket management in a single platform. LiveAgent is a leader in delivering exceptional experiences to clients. Start with a 14-Day free trial, no credit card required. Read more about LiveAgent
Talkdesk provides all the benefits of enterprise contact center software, without all the complexity. Read more about Talkdesk
NICE Cxone delivers the most complete and customer-focused cloud platform for companies to transform their customer experiences. Read more about NICE CXone
Five9 is a contact center and call centre solution powered by artificial intelligence. The cloud-based solution provides omni-channel tools including inbound and outbound call management, predictive dialer, progressive dialer, chat, social customer service, automatic call distribution (ACD) and more Read more about Five9
Qualtrics CustomerXM is a customer experience management platform that helps businesses collect feedback from across multiple channels and improve the customer journey. Key features include personalized consumer insights, trend analysis, digital reputation management, and behavior-based predictions. Read more about Qualtrics CustomerXM
Nextiva is transforming the way businesses communicate. Nextiva is a communications platform providing businesses with big-business phone features at a small-business price and it offers offers ease of use, manageability, scalability, reliability and enterprise-class functionality. Read more about Nextiva
Genesys Cloud CX cloud contact centre lets you differentiate faster, adapt easier, and architect better with an all-in-one composable modern architecture Read more about Genesys Cloud CX
The Cloud Phone System of choice for modern sales and support teams. We help end clueless conversations by adding context to every call. Read more about JustCall
With Playvox, you will centralize & automate your entire QA process. This ensures quality performance is always being monitored, measured, trained, recognized & rewarded. Playvox helps customer service teams focus on what's most important by optimizing daily tasks, thereby boosting work satisfaction Read more about Playvox
Sprinkl offers social media management products to help brands improve their presence on social media, increasing engagement, improving insight and becoming more strategic. It is a social experience management platform with a suite of apps to ensure brand consistency among customers and staff. Read more about Sprinklr
Squaretalk is a powerful and versatile cloud communications platform with automations and integrations made simple. So simple, you'll have time for the other parts of your business. Read more about Squaretalk
eDesk’s AI-powered customer service software is designed specifically for eCommerce businesses, to take the complexity out of managing multiple marketplaces, webstore and social media support. Read more about eDesk
FROGED is an all-in-one Product Success Platform, designed to evolve your entire customer lifecycle. Made by a SaaS, for SaaS companies, and it’s easy. Like, really easy. Read more about Froged
Call Center Studio is a web-based pay-as-you-go CCaaS packed with everything your operations need to become a 360-degree customer experience base. Unleash your agents’ full potential, thrive with operational efficiency, and leverage scalability with remote-friendly Call Center Studio. Read more about Call Center Studio
Scorebuddy - an All-in-One Contact Center Quality Management platform for scoring agents and analyzing customer interactions; flexible scorecards, rich dashboards, AI text analytics, Learning & Development solutions integrated in one platform; bundle or standalone solutions. 30 day free trial. Read more about Scorebuddy
EvaluAgent is a cloud-based quality assurance solution for customer service and sales teams. It offers robust workflows for performance management. The platform unifies customer conversations, surveys, and agent performance data. EvaluAgent provides automated scoring for calls, emails, and chat. Read more about EvaluAgent
Klaus measurably improves customer service quality by making internal feedback easy and systematic. Read more about Klaus
Verint® Automated Quality Management™ enables contact centers to autoscore up to 100% of voice and text-based interactions, offering greater insight, objectivity, and consistency than traditional quality programs where only 1-3% of calls are reviewed. Read more about Verint Automated Quality Management
Stella Connect by Medallia is designed to help customer service teams manage customer feedback, coaching, and quality assurance processes on a unified platform. It enables managers to gain visibility into agent performance, create automated workflows, and reward agents based on customer feedback. Read more about Stella Connect
Work&Track Mobile is designed for all companies with employees or subcontracted collaborators that perform an important part of their work out of the company's headquarters: service companies, logistics, energy & utilities, infrastructures, and facilities. Read more about Work&Track Mobile
Modern Cloud Contact Center with multichannel capabilities with Inbound, Outbound, IVR, and Chat modes Read more about
Balto is a call center software solution that integrates with existing web-based telephony systems, using artificial intelligence to monitor calls and interpret phone conversations in order to provide sales or service reps with prompts for the best things to say at high impact points during the call Read more about Balto
Enable remote working for a business' contact centre with ipSCAPE. Feature-rich with multichannel capabilities including Voice, Email, Web Chat and SMS. Hosted on Microsoft Azure for unparalleled security, capacity and performance. ipSCAPE integrations with BI tools and CRMS including Salesforce, Dynamics. Read more about IPscape
inConcert Contact Center allows businesses to reach their customers through any channel, including voice and video calls, email, live chat, SMS/text messaging, social networks, WhatsApp, and more. The software aims to provide an outstanding experience and transform every customer interaction. Read more about inConcert Contact Center
LiveCaller is a live chat software designed to help businesses communicate with customers via various channels such as web calls, real-time messaging, third-party applications, and more. Administrators can monitor, measure, analyze and visualize KPIs on a centralized dashboard. Read more about LiveCaller
CallMiner Eureka is a cloud-based speech analytics software, which helps contact centers automatically analyze customers' engagement across various communication channels such as calls, emails, social media platforms, and chat. Read more about Eureka
Cisco Finesse is a digital contact center solution that enhances customer and agent experience with robust features such as direct call transfers, real-time coaching, internal communication channels, call monitoring, and advanced analytics to understand areas of improvement. The system integrates with multiple Cisco communications solutions to... Read more about Cisco Finesse
Twilio Flex provides a flexible and scalable omnichannel contact center platform that puts businesses in control of customer interactions. The software gives companies the power to customize every aspect of their customer experience while also meeting the unique needs of each business. Twilio flex includes features such as agent interfaces,communic... Read more about Twilio Flex
Observe.AI is the leading contact center quality assurance software for boosting contact center performance. Built on the industry’s most accurate AI engine that analyzes 100% of interactions across channels, contact centers can rapidly evaluate agent performance and deliver contextual feedback. Read more about Observe.AI
RapportCMS is a cloud-based solution that enables contact centers to manage multi-channel transactions, routing, scheduling, data transfers, payroll, and more. Read more about RapportCMS
Qfiniti is a call center workforce management solution that helps businesses handle speech analytics, track employee performance, forecast staffing requirements, set up online coaching, and manage screen recording from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to optimize workforce engagement, manage HIPAA compliance, automate employee... Read more about Qfiniti
Castel Detect LIVE is a voice recognition solution which helps firms of all sizes manage contact center speech analytics with alerts, reminders, scripting and call scoring. The platform allows users to regulate quality assurance via live calls analysis, post-call audits, and data-driven feedback. Read more about Castel Detect Live
MiaRec helps contact centers unlock the intelligence from their customer interactions for better business results & happier customers. Read more about MiaRec
Prodigal is a cloud-based Consumer Finance Intelligence solution that analyzes agent and customer conversations to enhance profits, experience, and compliance. Collection agencies, healthcare providers, and lenders depend on Prodigal to unlock insights that drive win-win financial outcomes. Read more about Prodigal
MaestroQA is a QA software with built-in quality analysis and agent coaching tools designed to help call centers improve customer experience. Read more about MaestroQA
Expertflow Contact Center integrates voice, chat, video, web & social media channels with market-leading AI and CRM solutions to automate and enhance customer experience. We equip agents with knowledgebase and CRM integrated bots and tools thus considerably reducing call handling time. Read more about Expertflow Contact Center
Our customer experience management (CEM) software is specifically built for call centers and designed to measure, track, benchmark, and improve FCR, Csat, NPS, quality assurance, customer service and employee experience. Read more about mySQM Customer Service QA
Verint Workforce Engagement delivers an intuitive and user-friendly cloud solution to businesses of all sizes Read more about Verint Workforce Engagement
Verint Forecasting and Scheduling is a workforce management and contact center quality assurance solution that helps businesses manage shift swapping, track employee performance, handle capacity planning, and more from within a unified platform. Read more about Verint Forecasting and Scheduling
HGS Contact Center AI offers cloud-based contact center tools that help streamline processes, improve agent performance, and optimize the hiring & onboarding framework. With HGS Contact Center AI, you pay for only the features your business needs. Schedule a free demo to learn more. Read more about HGS Agent X
Flip's automated CS voice assistant handles the simple, repetitive requests from inbound customer support calls. Its automated voicebot provides an Alexa-like experience that can deliver faster resolutions to simple requests while giving human agents more time to handle the more complex issues. Read more about RedRoute
Cresta is a real-time productivity suite for sales and customer service teams. Read more about Cresta
GenieTalk is an AI-based SaaS enterprise solution provider designed to help brands & streamline contact center workflows and enhances customer loyalty. An AI-powered conversational engine makes your customers feel heard and turn regular interactions into qualified business opportunities. Read more about GenieTalk
TransMon is an end-to-end quality measurement, management, and improvement solution for customer service verticals. Read more about TransMon
VQ Online is a web-based quality assurance platform used to improve contact center individual agent and team performance. Read more about VQ Online
Enghouse Interactive Recording and Quality Management is a cloud-based software designed to help companies of all sizes manage their workforce, recording, and tracking calls, providing agents with instant coaching, ensuring a quality customer experience, and boosting sales. Read more about Enghouse Recording and Quality Management
Modern telephony for customer support teams. Ready to use in minutes. Improve phone support for your customers and your agents. Read more about Cordless
Convin is a contact center-focused Full-Stack Conversations QA platform powered by AI. Conversation analysis provides last-mile agent coaching, winning behavior analysis, and 100% omnichannel conversation audit. Read more about Convin

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