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Tipalti remits supplier payments on your behalf in 6 different payment methods and in 120+ currencies to over 196 countries while upgrading financial controls. Read more about Tipalti
An intelligent end-to-end solution to automate separate parts or the entire lending process for banks. Advanced analytics and reporting, simplified regulatory compliance, AI-driven loan origination (combining traditional and alternative approaches in credit risk assessment), and much more. Read more about Turnkey Lender is a cloud-based enterprise risk management suite designed to help businesses across retail banking, eCommerce, FinTech, eCommerce, government, hospitality, and other sectors detect and prevent identity frauds using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Read more about
NexorONE is an online banking platform which offers a variety of modules that help serve different financial institutions. The cloud-based software aids with transaction management, allows users to send international wires, works as a payment platform and allows customers to communicate online. Read more about NexorONE
Trusek is a SaaS platform that enables every company from fintech start-ups to international banks have access to new and better ways to do business. Read more about Trusek
Introducing timveroOS: a cutting-edge lending operating system that simplifies processes with an intuitive workflow, enabling banks to tailor credit businesses effortlessly. With timveroOS, banks achieve 12x faster executive decisions & a 20% loan profit boost. Read more about timveroOS
Online Check Writer is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses manage payment processing, accounts payables and receivables, and other financial operations via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to create and print business checks using a drag-and-drop interface and receive one-time or recurring payments through... Read more about Online Check Writer
ProcessMaker is a provider of Enterprise business process management (BPM) and workflow software, available on-premise and in the cloud, providing core features such as BPMN 2.0 diagramming, responsive form design, dashboard-based performance reporting, plus REST API and companion mobile app support Read more about ProcessMaker
AP Workflow Automation is a banking systems software designed to help businesses manage accounts payable processes, streamline approval workflows, and generate invoices. The platform enables managers to define automated business rules and targeted controls, eliminating time-consuming and manual processes in accounts payable operations. Read more about AP Workflow Automation
Creatio CRM for Banking Industry and Credit Unions offers an award-winning CRM, a great variety of financial apps, and enterprise-grade no-code tools! Read more about Creatio CRM
The Nortridge Loan System is a flexible servicing platform that enables highly configurable loans, multiple product lines & expansion to additional markets Read more about The Nortridge Loan System
CurrencyXchanger is a currency exchange software which helps small to medium-sized money exchange businesses, financial institutions, and travel agencies manage multi-currency accounting, reporting, auditing, multi-currency POS, CRM, compliance, and more. Read more about CurrencyXchanger
Wooqer is an App for businesses to digitize frontline operations trusted by brands like Lifestyle, Skechers, Pantaloons, KFC, Baskin Robbins, Dominos and others. Read more about Wooqer
Tandem is a security and compliance solution designed to help small to large financial institutions manage audits, business continuity planning, compliance, risk assessment, and vendors. The platform enables users to create role-based access and custom workflows using built-in programs. Read more about Tandem Software
Temenos Transact is a cloud-based and on-premise core banking software, which enables corporate, retail, or private banks and credit unions to create and deploy financial products, securely process transactions, and manage accounts and deposits on a centralized platform Read more about Temenos Transact
Plaid is a technology platform which allows users to create connections between applications and bank accounts to authenticate accounts, check balances in real time, verify identities, validate income, pull transaction data, and verify borrower assets Read more about Plaid
As an AML compliance solution, Alessa offers due diligence, sanctions/watchlist screening, transaction monitoring/screening/filtering and automated regulatory reporting for many jurisdictions. It can quickly integrate with existing core systems and scale as the needs grow. Read more about Alessa
Open is a cloud-based software designed to help startups and small to midsize enterprises manage payments, virtual accounts, cash, invoices, taxes, expenses, and more via a unified portal. The platform includes payroll management functionality, which enables businesses to track employees’ attendance and leaves, create payslips, and analyze reports... Read more about Open
Are you looking for a core banking system? Oradian covers each step of your loan workflow so if you are looking for a loan management system that can seamlessly process more loans and serve more clients faster, choose Oradian. Oradian's core banking system covers each step of your loan workflow with features such as integrated accounting, deposit... Read more about Oradian
Jamio is a no-code business process management platform designed to create cloud applications. The applications created on Jamio openwork platform helps companies drive digital transformation. It can automate and simplify company procedures, manage documents , offer collaboration tools and much more Read more about Jamio openwork
Serrala is a global financial automation and B2B payments software company creating more secure payment capabilities worldwide for enterprises of all sizes. Offering truly differentiated on-premise, cloud and SaaS solutions. Read more about Serrala Suite
BankPoint is a cloud-based solution designed to help banks, loan portfolio managers, and non-bank lenders such as hedge funds, private equity groups, and hard-money lenders automate processes for covenant tracking, credit approval, due diligence, real estate owned (REO) management and more. Read more about BankPoint
The most user-friendly online banking software platform in the world. Online in 24 hrs with your own branding. Read more about EBANQ
Oracle Cloud CX is a customer experience platform that provides businesses with several tools for managing customer data, content, continuous integration, continuous deployment, data security, and conversational marketing operations. It uses artificial intelligence technology to report on transactions in real-time, discover data using self-service... Read more about Oracle Cloud CX
OmniConnect's API connectivity as a service is the quickest and most cost-effective way to securely connect a FinTech solution to any US-based financial institution. The platform support integration with various systems such as payments, point of sale (POS), lending, general ledger, deposits & more. Read more about OmniConnect
KYC PORTAL is a fully configurable Client Lifecycle Management solution that allows organizations of any size or type to collate all information relating to assessed entities and applicants rapidly. It provides a single, centralized, secure repository with fully customizable parameters, fields, rules, and user rights. Read more about KYC Portal
The premier savings and loan software for diocese to manage deposits/loans/pooled investment management software for over 22 years! Read more about DLS Financials
Musoni is the specialist digitalization partner for financial institutions. The multi award winning cloud banking system has been proven to help MFIs to efficiently manage & grow their portfolio. Read more about Musoni
Help With My Loan (HWML) is software that automates the frontend underwriting and lender matching process for Commercial, Residential, Business and Personal loans. Read more about Help With My Loan
FPS GOLD Core Processing is a core banking solution designed for community banks with tools for CRM, deposit management, loan planning, accounting & more Read more about FPS GOLD Core Banking
Abowire is the B2B Subscription-Platform to sell and manage world-wide subscriptions. The perfect solution to grow your B2B subscriptions stress-free and to increase your recurring revenue. Read more about Abowire
MeridianLink Opening, formerly known as XpressAccounts is an account opening & funding transactions management solution, which helps financial institutions manage identity verification, OFAC checks, account creation, and more. It lets customers apply for deposit accounts and e-sign documents online. Read more about MeridianLink Opening
Intergiro is a Swedish business banking provider and payment processor that offers merchant business accounts with an API-driven platform. Enjoy same-day settlements (T+0), reliable and efficient processing solutions with rapid merchant onboarding, and you get business banking services for free. Read more about Intergiro
Centrex is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software for the finance sector, which enables organizations to manage contacts, deals, team productivity, loan portfolio and email/text marketing campaigns on a centralized platform. Read more about Centrex
BankOne is an online and mobile banking software designed to help businesses in the financial sector with account management, funds transfer, payment gateway integration, and much more. The platform enables managers to handle penalties, amortization, automated credit assessments, and treasury. Read more about BankOne
Core banking and payment software platform for accounts, payments, card issuing, online acquiring, currency exchange and money transfers. Read more about Macrobank
Oracle FLEXCUBE is a financial services and banking management software that helps organizations create multiple product portfolios for deposits, microfinance, lending, Islamic banking, financial inclusion, and more based on specific customers and markets. It enables staff members to manage loan disbursements, monitor repayments, gain insights... Read more about Oracle FLEXCUBE
Xobin is a glitch-free online assessment platform. Conduct Pre Employment Skills Assessments, Psychometric Assessments and Job Tests using Xobin. Choose from an Assessment Library of over 800+ Pre-Built Tests and 30,000+ Questions and automate screening and shortlisting. Read more about Interact
Corporate-to-Bank Integration Platform is a financial management software designed to help businesses integrate with banks to streamline finance operations. Treasury teams can access multiple back-office systems, payment schemes & other services provided by banking partners from a single platform. Read more about AccessPay Platform
nCino is the Worldwide Leader in Cloud Banking for Financial Institutions. An end-to-end, single, secure, Bank Operating System® that seamlessly integrates and supports current core systems. Read more about nCino
Budget Insight brings Open Banking and Open Finance technologies to 230 companies, from major banking institutions to fintech startups. Its API and products enable its clients and their end-users to aggregate financial data and documents and to perform payment initiations. Read more about Powens
Adaptable financial software solution that provides efficiency in business processes, risks mitigation, and operational control. Read more about ASPEKT Product Suite
FinCell is white label mobile banking app developed by Baltic Amadeus. FinCell helps financial institutions go mobile in weeks rather than months starting with our rich out of box functionality. Read more about FinCell
Digibanc is a cloud-enabled, API-driven, and highly adaptable fintech and digital banking platform. Read more about Digibanc
Validis is a lending software for loan origination & risk management which enables SMBs to extract, standardize & analyze financial data simply & effectively Read more about Validis
Corniche is a cloud-based banking system which helps banks and financial service companies with payment processing, documentation and compliance. Key features include commodity brokerage, records management, escrow payments, interest processing, and transaction management. Read more about Corniche
Bankingly is a SaaS cloud-based platform for financial institutions, enabling seamless digital banking solutions. The platform is designed to help financial institutions automate online banking processes via iOS and Android mobile applications. Read more about Bankingly
Omnibanca is an omnichannel banking platform designed to help cooperatives and neo banks manage campaigns and streamline various administrative processes, such as customer experience, payment processing, document management, and more. Read more about Omnibanca
RISK IDENT is specialized software for the prevention of online fraud. To aid the identification of fraudulent transactions, the package carries out automated evaluations and interprets data points to calculate results. RISK IDENT gives real-time results, which enables companies to take action. Read more about Risk Ident
Global relationship management software for capital markets, corporate & investment banking, and investment management. Read more about Tier1

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