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Advanced localization & translation workflow automation tool
Lokalise is a collaborative iOS & Android, web localization & translation app for developers, product managers, translators and designers with advanced API & mobile SDK. Read more about Lokalise
Business management for translation agencies & freelancers
Protemos is a business management solution for agencies and freelancers within the translation industry. The solution can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and allows users to manage projects, deadlines, files, documents, invoices, payments, finances, and more from one platform. Read more about Protemos
Web-based translation management system for enterprises
Pairaphrase is a secure web-based translation management system for enterprises. It provides organizations with professional translation technologies that increase translation productivity and quality. Users report significant time savings and cost savings. Read more about Pairaphrase
Scalable translation management solution for web and mobile
The continuous localization platform providing online file translation, in-context editing, collaboration, version control, and more. Read more about Phrase
Translation platform for the extraordinary
Brilliantly easy translation platform for your company. Read more about Text United
Proofreading, spelling and grammar checking tool
Ginger is a cloud-based proofreading software designed for businesses and educational institutes, which automatically detects errors, improves sentence structures, and corrects misused words in text, using punctuation, spelling and grammar checker tools. Read more about Ginger
Deliver local language products, services, applications
The GlobalLink Product Suite is a modular group of technology applications that provide website and software localization, globalization management system (GMS) software products and enterprise-level, professional translation services to companies focused on gaining worldwide brand recognition. Read more about GlobalLink
Translation management platform for software developers
LingoHub is a translation management platform that allows application developers, product managers and software businesses to translate content into multiple languages using DeepL and Google Translate engines. The solution enables continuous translation management with automatic change detection. Read more about LingoHub
Website translation & localization software for businesses
Website translation and localization, automated with Localize Read more about Localize
Localization for websites, web apps and mobile apps
Transifex provides a cloud-based software for the localization of websites, web apps and mobile apps. Using the Transifex platform you can collect, manage and distribute your online content without having to access FTP sites or multiple file versions stored in spreadsheets, etc. Read more about Transifex
The one tool for seamless localization of developer products
Crowdin allows you translate and manage localization projects of any type. Get your mobile app, web app, game, and more one step closer to the global market. Read more about Crowdin
Translation technology & services for data-driven companies
Smartling works with brands that have international aspirations. Whether they are already executing in multiple languages, or are just recognizing the need, they all understand the fastest way to grow is by entering new markets. The Smartling customer list is populated with recognizable, smart, and ambitious brands. Read more about Smartling
Get your team writing as one.
Qordoba is an AI writing assistant for businesses. What makes it powerful is the style guide platform behind it, which enables you to customize writing guidelines to your unique brand and helps everyone at your company write with the same style, terminology, and brand voice. Read more about Qordoba
Mobile app localization and translation management tool
Localazy is a cloud-based app localization software designed to help developers translate mobile applications into multiple languages. Features include shared translations, commenting, version control, notifications, activity tracking, translation memory, and reporting. Read more about Localazy
All-in-one localization and translation platform
OneSky is a cloud-based localization and translation software for apps, games and websites with an all-in-one platform Read more about OneSky
Translation workflow automation solution
Rulingo is a translation management solution which enables users to automate job workflows, with self-service portals, automatic quotations, invoicing, and more Read more about Rulingo
High-quality machine translation
Human quality machine translation for specific domains, e.g. medical, pharma, legal, IT, mobile, etc, in any language pair. Always better than Google, and close to the quality offered by a professional. We adapt the language to the needs of the customer in our fully customized proprietary solution. The translation is ready with only a simple... Read more about Tauyou
Software localization management platform
Amanuens is a web-based software localization platform that helps businesses automatically synchronize with code repository, notify translators of changed/new items to translate, and perform changes. Read more about Amanuens
Translation productivity platform
Translation Workspace by Lionbridge, the global language services provider of translation and localization services, is the company's cloud-based translation productivity platform. The translation app provides on-demand access to advances language asset management tools. Translation Workspace works with Lionbridge's to connect your... Read more about Lionbridge
Your app's content, in any language, right away
SDL BeGlobal is a translation-as-a-service platform that is revolutionizing translation by making multilingual content capabilities easily accessible to every industry and for every use case imaginable. Read more about SDL BeGlobal
Translation management & software translation platform is a SaaS localization tool combining translation management and software translation in an online platform. Read more about
The Only Turn-key Solution for Multilingual Websites.
MotionPoint is a turn-key website localization solution designed to solve the operational complexity of translating, deploying & operating multilingual websites Read more about MotionPoint
Translation & localization project management
Net-Cloud is a web-based translation management system for controlling the translation process from end-to-end, from the initial project planning, to quoting, fulfillment, file sharing, and billing & invoicing. Net-Cloud combines CRM, ERP, & content management features to provide an all-in-one tool. Read more about Net-Cloud