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Self-service assessment builder & detailed feedback reports
Brilliant Assessments is a business assessment software that generates fully branded, personalized & detailed feedback reports. As a completely self-service tool, it lets domain experts customize assessments & define feedback reports, using Word merge to make them unique & engaging. Read more about Brilliant Assessments
Online examination software for recruiters and trainers
Test Invite is an online examination software designed to help SMBs, enterprises, and public administrations conduct supervised and customizable tests. Test Invite enables users to lock down browser activity, monitor and record live video streams, and place access restrictions to ensure security. Read more about Test Invite
AI-powered talent acquisition and video interviewing
Talview is an AI-powered talent acquisition platform designed to assist organizations with the assessment and recruitment of candidates based on communication skills and culture fit capacity. Key features include video interviewing, pre-hire assessments, candidate tracking, and behavioral insights. Read more about Talview
Pre-employment testing software for HR professionals
TestGorilla is a pre-employment testing software designed to help businesses manage the entire hiring lifecycle, from creating assessments and inviting candidates to performing an in-depth review of results. Read more about TestGorilla
Flexible online quiz and assessment generator
FlexiQuiz is an online quiz and assessment maker which allows users to create custom tests for employees, customers or students. The assessments can be published privately to be accessed only by select groups, or publicly to be taken by any registrant, and are graded automatically by the software. Read more about FlexiQuiz
Cloud-based learning management system solution
Easy LMS, with a unique pricing model, is an LMS that allows organizations of all sizes to train and manage their users in an engaging way. Use quizzes and gamification to engage your users or for lead generation. Courses, assessments and exams can be integrated for a seamless user experience. Read more about Easy LMS
The #1 learning solution in the world. Ask the experts.
Cornerstone LMS is a cloud-based learning management system for delivering virtual learning, instructor-led training, compliance content, exams & certifications Read more about Cornerstone LMS
Your Classroom Partner
USATestPrep is a test preparation tool designed to support teachers in the classroom by providing curriculum resources and personalized learning for K12 schools. Read more about USATestprep
Training Smarter, Faster
We offer an online training software that is simple and intuitive. Developing and training your employees or clients will never get any easier or more affordable. Just upload existing content, create exams, and track employee progress with easy-to-use reporting tools. Don't let building courses intimidate you. Create online courses and tests with... Read more about SkyPrep
Job tests, behavioral assessments & video interviewing tools
eSkill helps organizations assess candidates’ skills and cultural fit for all types of jobs. Clients can create job tests and behavioral assessments for a variety of industries and job roles, including questions that simulate real-life tasks, and video interview questions. Read more about eSkill
Delightfully Smart Tools
ProProfs Quiz Maker is quiz making tool that helps businesses create online quizzes, tests and exams to track and engage and assess employee performance. Brand quizzes and tests by adding your logo. Create beautiful scored quizzes and personality quizzes to assess employees’ skill set and mindset. Read more about ProProfs Quiz Maker
Assessment management and analytics platform
ExamSoft is an assessment solution that helps K-12 and higher education institutes as well as government organizations administer exams and assess student performance. It enables educators to automatically generate random question sequences and block internet access to prevent exam fraud. Read more about ExamSoft
Survey software and questionnaire tool
SurveyLab is professional online survey software for any size of business, non-government organizations and professionals. SurveyLab is an online survey tool that facilitates custom survey creation, automates the response collection process, and provides real-time reporting and analytics. Read more about SurveyLab
Online testing platform for businesses of all sizes
ExamBuilder is a cloud-based online testing platform that enables businesses to streamline processes related to student & employee management, exam creation, scheduling & more. Businesses of all types can use the platform to create an online training library and exams for teams & individuals. Read more about ExamBuilder
Social learning platform for educators & learners
GoConqr is a free social learning network that enables learners and educators to create, share & discover courses, mind maps, flashcards, notes, slides & more Read more about GoConqr
Cloud-based digital examinations solution
Edbase is a cloud-based solution that helps human resource (HR) departments and educational institutions streamline operations for digital examination such as assessment designing, result generation, and more. The question editor allows users to create question papers that include images and videos. Read more about Edbase
Online learning & bitesize training platform for teams
Synap is an award winning Learning Management System that enables organisations personalised, engaging and impactful training at scale. Read more about Synap
Online examination & certification software
GetCertified is an online examination & certification solution with automated test & answer generators, multi-level question pools, certificate designer & more Read more about GetCertified
Online assessment & examination platform
QuizCV is a flexible and scalable online examination platform that allows users to create any kind of online exams, invite people and collect results Read more about QuizCV
Online exam & assessment platform for students & admins
TestWe is an online exam and assessment platform for students, professors and administration to create & complete tests with exam creation, management, and grading tools, plus multimedia content, academic data tracking, data protection, collection, and monitoring, and more Read more about TestWe
Examination solution for creating & conducting assessments
Think Exam is an online examination platform that allows businesses, educational institutions, and government organizations to create & conduct assessments for candidates or students. The solution enables professionals to upload custom questionnaires and preview finished templates before selection. Read more about Think Exam
Cloud-based exam management solution
TestMent is a cloud-based exam management solution that helps educational institutes as well as online quiz providers conduct online assessments and generate student performance reports. It enables users to build custom-branded websites with information pages, news & notification panels, and more. Read more about TestMent
Online assessment software and LMS
Disamina is an online assessment software designed for organisations and educational institutes for learning, assessment, and recruitment Read more about Disamina
Assessment management solution
FastTest helps organizations design and manage online assessments using psychometrics, item response theory (IRT), computerized adaptive testing (CAT), and more. The white-label capabilities lets users create examinee score reports using custom logos to promote their brand. Read more about FastTest
Web-based quiz maker for education & business
ClassMarker is a web-based testing solution which allows users to create custom online tests and quizzes for business, educational, and training assessments. The platform includes tools for test assignment, automatic grading and feedback, performance reporting, certificate creation, and more. Read more about ClassMarker
Lifecycle assessment platform
Inspera Assessment is a cloud-based assessment platform that allows educational and governmental organizations to create, deploy, and assess exams for the entirety of the examination cycle. Read more about Inspera Assessment
Examination platform for conducting assessments
SpeedExam is an online examination solution that allows businesses of all sizes to conduct assessments to facilitate recruitment, training, and performance appraisals. Managers can monitor candidates’ activity details such as exam status, device name, browser, operating systems, and IP address. Read more about SpeedExam
Online testing solution for K-12 schools and universities
OWL is an online testing solution that enables K-12 schools, universities, government organizations, and certification boards to improve or automate assessment processes, create exams & manage candidates. Users can build event-triggered notifications & send email alerts using customizable templates. Read more about OWL
Open-source examination management solution
PaperShala is an examination management solution that helps coaching institutes streamline operations related to assessment scheduling, student registration and results generation. Users can check overall performance based on multiple criteria such as subject-specific results, class ranks, and more. Read more about PaperShala
Online test platform for automating examination
EOA by Yoctel Solutions is an online examination platform that is used to automate the delivery of tests and allocation of assignments. The system is designed for educational institutions to manage all of the examinations required in testing their student base from within a single application. Read more about EOA
Remote assessment proctoring solution
RPNow is a cloud-based examination proctoring solution designed to help educational institutions manage online testing from anywhere. The platform can be used alongside any test delivery system to manage identity verification, securely deliver online examinations, and ensure academic integrity. Read more about RPNow
Assessment solution for creating and conducting tests
TAO Platform is an open source assessment solution that allows businesses & educational institutions to create, schedule, and conduct examinations to test their employees or students. Users can import question banks and configure test properties including time limits, scoring & outcome declarations. Read more about TAO Platform
End-to-end exam development and delivery platform
Caveon Testing Platform is an end-to-end exam development and delivery solution which allows businesses, school districts and educational institutions to build and deliver exams online. Customizable remote proctoring capabilities enable prevention of cheating and fraudulent activities. Read more about Caveon Testing Platform
Remote exam proctoring solution
Proview is a cloud-based, automated cognitive remote proctoring software designed for proctoring exams anywhere, at any time. The solution includes audio and video analysis tools to identify suspicious activity, browser activity tracking, facial recognition, real-time recording, and more. Read more about Proview
Online exam software
Speedwell's eSystem Exam Software is an online examination solution designed for Medical Schools, Universities and Institutions. The platform enables the creation, administration & analysis of exams within a single system. Supports MCQ, essay, EMQ, SBA, SAQ, VSA, MMI, OSCPE and OSCE assessments. Read more about eSystem
Mettl Examine – Online Examination Software System
Mercer Mettl Examine is an online examination platform designed for creating, managing & proctoring a range of assessment types including entrance exams, mid & end-term tests, college assignments, and digital course certifications. The system offers human & AI-based proctoring for exam credibility. Read more about Mercer Mettl Examine
Online testing and examination solution
Quayn is a Dutch online testing and examination solution for educational institutions, exam offices, and businesses including those in government, healthcare, and other industries. It allows users to create online assessments for students or employees to aid online learning. Read more about Quayn
Clous-based pre-employment & training assessment platform
Testofy is a cloud-based assessment platform designed to help enterprises organize tests and evaluate candidates for recruitment or training. Features include white-labeling, secure data storage, analytics, question tagging, multi-language support, chat, video recording, and reporting. Read more about Testofy