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Facilio is a cloud-based facilities and maintenance management solution which helps property managers with collaboration, and work order management. Key features include inspections management, facilities scheduling, vendor management, a customer portal, asset management, and ticket resolution. Read more about Facilio
Energy Elephant is an energy management solution that helps multi-location enterprises automate energy data management, analysis, wastage optimization, and more. It enables managers to store spreadsheets as well as various bills such as electricity, oil, gas & transport in a centralized database. Read more about Energy Elephant
Quickbase is a no-code collaborative work management platform that empowers citizen developers to improve operations through real-time insights and automations across complex processes and disparate systems. Read more about Quickbase
ProntoForms is the leader in enterprise-grade mobile forms. Built with field teams at front of mind, ProntoForms makes real-time, accurate data collection fast and easy. Empower your field employees to complete complex inspections, audits, and other tasks on their mobile devices with confidence. Read more about ProntoForms
Utilitybilling is a utility billing software solution for small cities & rural water and electricity systems with automated billing, payment & mobile meter read entry. It is cloud based and needs no software installation. Startups to customers over $1bn revenue. We can pull your data in for you. Read more about AMCS Utility Billing
EnergyCAP is utility bill accounting and energy management software for utility bill processing, auditing, and analysis; M&V, submeters & chargebacks, energy benchmarking, interval data, custom dashboards, reporting. Read more about EnergyCAP
Energy monitoring, machine-learning energy analytics, measurement and verification, building energy management, IoT energy management, wastage analysis, CO2 monitoring and reporting, energy analysis reporting and utility bills, peak demand finder, solar analytics, real-time alarms and notifications. Read more about Wattics
Entronix Energy Management Platform provides real-time, enterprise-level monitoring of power meters for water, electrical and gas in commercial buildings Read more about Entronix EMP
PEAK, by CIM, is an advanced building analytics SaaS platform designed to streamline property management. Leveraging data, intelligent automation, and machine learning, it optimizes efficiency, sustainability, and tenant comfort. Read more about PEAK
Software for asset management and maintenance with the latest technologies and a wide variety of modules for the management, optimisation and reduction of energy consumption, through automated measurement and prediction processes, turning the assets life cycle into an area with a measurable return. Read more about Rosmiman
MRI eSight helps firms monitor utilities and numerous meter points across multiple locations, allowing them to understand every aspect of their energy consumption. Key features include data collection, anomaly detection, utility bill management, energy analysis, tenant billing, and more. Read more about MRI eSight
Spacewell Energy (Dexma) is a cloud-based, enterprise-class automatic monitoring & targeting (aM&T) software for buildings in the commercial & industrial sector. Read more about Spacewell Energy Platform by Dexma
AI-Powered Energy Management Platform: automate your processes, monitor energy consumption in real-time, and get personalized recommendations. The platform provides historical data analytics in less than 1 sec. Covers + 150 data sources, and 200 hardware integrations. Read more about Spacewell
Eniscope is a cloud-based energy management software that helps businesses remotely monitor, control, and optimize the energy usage of assets across multiple locations. It provides a mobile application, which can be utilized by administrators to track energy performance via actionable analytics. Read more about Eniscope
Building Engines, a JLL company, improves net operating income across the world’s most successful CRE portfolios. Our customers increase revenue, deliver the best tenant experience, and reduce operating costs with Prism – the industry’s most innovative and powerful building operations platform. Read more about Prism
One2Team is a multi-solutions platform to manage enterprise-wide end-to-end process for faster and more productive delivery in a hybrid world. Our platform onboards all populations: strategy, planning and projects execution. Read more about One2Team
Energy Manager by Brightly Software (formerly Dude Solutions) is a cloud-based utility spend management solution which provides users with insight into their utility spending & enables the identification of billing errors or possible savings. The platform is suited for education, government, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. Read more about Energy Manager
Data-driven Energy Management Software that helps you to get visibility on energy and all related data. Read more about Energis.Cloud
ProcessMAP was created on a simple vision - to help businesses overcome the complexities of managing their Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS), and risk data. Read more about Ideagen ProcessMAP
Galooli has been leading the smart revolution of energy efficiency for over a decade, with a business presence spanning the globe. We provide an agnostic, all-encompassing remote monitoring and management platform to track, analyze and optimize your remote sites’ and energy assets’ performance. Read more about Galooli
Watchwire is a fully integrated cloud-based energy management solution for organizations monitoring and managing utility consumption, expenses, and emissions Read more about WatchWire
Goby is the most intelligent, comprehensive, and intuitive platform for ESG management. Read more about Conservice ESG
Strata by Cotopaxi is a web-based energy management software designed to help businesses monitor and analyze data for optimizing energy resources. The application enables managers to gain insights into site energy and utility consumption, access live data, and configure workflows via a unified platform. Read more about Strata
MACH Energy is an energy management solution which facilitates tenant billing, budgets & variance reporting, demand management, threshold alerting, and more Read more about MACH Energy
JadeTrack is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses, governments, commercial enterprises, and smart cities manage data related to energy and sustainability. With Energy Star facility benchmarking, users can automate utility bill management and monitoring of critical data in real-time. Read more about JadeTrack
EEM Suite is an energy and financial software platform that allows businesses to analyze data and design energy management strategies. Read more about EEM Suite
JANUS is a cloud-based, modular cost control solution which enables users to forecast cost, hours, and equipment for projects, manage changes, budgets, and more Read more about JANUS
Nektar is a field service management tool for data collection, GIS mapping, life cycle management, integrated work order processes, document control, and more Read more about Nektar Data
Key Green Solutions is a cloud-based energy management platform, designed to help healthcare organizations measure the effects of implemented sustainability programs. Hospitals can review water/electricity usage, waste volume, and sustainable food purchases to generate development reports. Read more about Key Green Solutions
Kordata is a customizable data collection solution that utilizes mobile apps and secured, cloud-based transmission to collect, analyze and report business data Read more about Kordata
Opinum Data Hub is a data analytics platform that is designed for businesses in various industry sectors, including gas utilities, water suppliers, power grids, and energy and environmental service organizations. It enables data scientists to transform, analyze, visualize, and share data models. Read more about Opinum Data Hub
Oracle Utilities is an integrated platform designed to help businesses in the utility industry manage assets, networks, meter data, mobile workforce, and more. It provides Analytics & DataRaker platforms to draw actionable insights into asset reliability, load distribution, demand response & more. Read more about Oracle Energy and Water
ioTORQ EMIS is the advanced energy, utility and resource management software, which integrates multiple data sources, real-time dashboards and AI-driven analytics to help industry manage performance, engage stakeholders and drive performance gains. Read more about ioTORQ EMIS
Snapmeter is an energy tracking tool for businesses wanting to lower electricity and natural gas costs, quantify utility bill variance and run custom reporting Read more about Snapmeter
inavitas helps businesses, plants, and other enterprises streamline electricity production, distribution, and consumption tracking operations. Businesses can use the platform to monitor electricity bills and solar production, control devices, and receive notifications for faulty devices. Read more about inavitas
Vitality is an energy management software that helps businesses connect with IoT devices to centralize building data and handle utility billing processes. Administrators can set up heating, ventilation, and air conditioning points to measure per unit cost of operations. Read more about Vitality
AI-powered energy management SaaS platform monitors energy to analyze energy consumption and costs in detail. Read more about Smarkia
RigER is a comprehensive oilfield rental and operations system, designed for SMBs to manage oilfield rentals & dispatching as well as price policy Read more about RigER
Planetly’s innovative software solution empowers companies to manage their carbon emissions holistically. This involves transparently analysing the carbon footprint, reducing it using effective measures, and offsetting it with the help of certified climate projects. Read more about ESG and Sustainability Cloud
Clarity is business intelligence software designed specifically for factories. Clarity can help everyone from operators to plant managers, maintenance managers to CEOs understand their data and plant better. Read more about Clarity
Onesait Utilities includes the intelligent management of plants and networks to the incorporation of the prosumer and renewable energy. Read more about Onesait Utilities
A cloud-based solution for electrical and energy data monitoring, analysis, reporting, and alarming. Read more about NovaVue
EASEE is a SaaS solution that has been specifically developed to perform energy audits for multi-site entities and monitor their energy transition plan(s). Read more about EASEE
Twimm collects, monitors and analyzes consumption of buildings to improve their energy performance. All consumption data collected is returned to you in real time in the form of tables and graphs for immediate overview of consumption trends. They can be viewed on mobile, tablet or computer. Read more about Twimm
SkySpark is an IoT data analytics platform that is designed to identify issues in equipment systems operation through automated analytics of operational data. SkySpark Analytics analyzes data from smart devices and equipment systems in order to identify issues and anomalies, enabling improved performance. Read more about SkySpark
Yardi Energy Solution automatically reduces property energy consumption and keeps tenants comfortable. The cloud-based solution analyzes data to help make better decisions and provide custom solutions tailored to property type, size, and budget. Read more about Yardi Energy Solution
Elipse Software offers supervisory solutions for real-time management of business processes in energy, transformation, sanitation, and infrastructure sectors. These solutions can be integrated with any platform. Read more about Elipse Software
Datakwip is facility management software designed to help building engineers and property managers plan, assess, implement, and track energy consumptions and costs. Administrators can visualize collected data on custom dashboards and define personalized energy conservation measures. Read more about Datakwip
THG Energy offers services that support sustainability and enables energy management across portfolios. Automated data collection positions end-users for successful ESG Reporting and GHG Accounting, broader sustainability, and energy management. Read more about Energy Intelligence Suite
Software for managing energy and carbon emissions for reporting and compliance. Read more about

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