About EZRentOut

EZRentOut is a cloud based software for equipment rental businesses. With features including order management, equipment tracking, POS (Point of Sale) and online web stores, EZRentOut provides rental businesses with a complete and flexible business management solution.

The software has been designed for implementation across a range of industries including equipment rental & construction; bicycle rental & cycling clubs; sports & recreational rentals; production, DVD & book rental; event & party rental; furniture & staging; universities & campuses; and more.

EZRentOut can manage item bookings, provide repair status updates, send email reminders for overdue items, and more. With EZRentOut, businesses can track their rental equipment, record who has what, and know when items are due back. Rental items can be showcased online in a completely configurable web store, with a custom URL. Via these online stores, customers can book and pay for items.

Pricing starting from:


  • Free Version
  • Free Trial
  • Subscription

Key benefits of EZRentOut

  • Track rental equipment as individual pieces (e.g. Bike 1, Bike 2, Bike 3) or as bulk stock (25 chairs).

  • Measure staff performance with EZRentOut's revenue-per-staff-member and number-of-orders-per-staff-member reporting. Run analytics for different time periods to compare performance.

  • See which rental items are available at a glance and confirm bookings quickly with EZRentOut's availability calendar. Its item search functionality enables the quick locating of stock, too.

  • EZRentOut integrates with QuickBooks, where payments are tracked and invoices are synced.

  • Design unlimited invoices to suit different departments or customers with EZRentOut's invoice designer. The software also has a label designer which supports QR codes and barcodes.
  • Typical Customers

    • Freelancers
    • Small Businesses (2-50)
    • Mid-size Companies (51-500)
    • Large enterprises (500 and more)


    • Cloud-based
    • On-premise


    Andorra, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Antigua & Barbuda, Anguilla , Albania, Armenia, Angola, Argentina, American Samoa, Austria, Australia, Aruba, Åland Islands, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Barbados, Bangladesh, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Burundi, Benin, Bermuda, Brunei, Bolivia, Brazil, Bahamas, Bhutan, Botswana, Belarus, Belize, Canada, Congo - Kinshasa, Central African Republic, Congo - Brazzaville, Switzerland, Cook Islands, Chile, Cameroon, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Czechia, Germany, Djibouti, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Algeria, Ecuador, Estonia, Egypt, Eritrea, Spain, Ethiopia, Finland, Fiji, Falkland Islands, Micronesia, Faroe Islands, France, Gabon, United Kingdom, Grenada, Georgia, French Guiana, Guernsey, Ghana, Gibraltar, Greenland, Gambia, Guinea, Guadeloupe, Equatorial Guinea, Greece, Guatemala, Guam, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Hong Kong SAR China, Honduras, Croatia, Haiti, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Isle of Man, Iraq, Iran, Iceland, Italy, Jersey, Jamaica, Jordan, Japan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, Kiribati, Comoros, St Kitts & Nevis, South Korea, Kuwait, Cayman Islands, Kazakhstan, Laos, Lebanon, St Lucia, Liechtenstein, Sri Lanka, Liberia, Lesotho, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Libya, Morocco, Monaco, Moldova, Montenegro, St Martin, Madagascar, Marshall Islands, North Macedonia, Mali, Myanmar (Burma), Mongolia, Macao SAR China, Northern Mariana Islands, Martinique, Mauritania, Montserrat, Malta, Mauritius, Maldives, Malawi, Mexico, Malaysia, Mozambique, Namibia, New Caledonia, Niger, Norfolk Island, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Netherlands, Norway, Nepal, Nauru, New Zealand, Oman, Panama, Peru, French Polynesia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, St Pierre & Miquelon, Puerto Rico, Palestinian Territories, Portugal, Palau, Paraguay, Qatar, Réunion, Romania, Serbia, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, Seychelles, Sudan, Sweden, Singapore, St Helena, Slovenia, Svalbard & Jan Mayen, Slovakia, Sierra Leone, San Marino, Senegal, Somalia, Suriname, São Tomé & Príncipe, El Salvador, Syria, Eswatini, Turks & Caicos Islands, Chad, Togo, Thailand, Tajikistan, Timor-Leste, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, Tonga, Turkey, Trinidad & Tobago, Tuvalu, Taiwan, Tanzania, Ukraine, Uganda, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vatican City, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Venezuela, British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, Vietnam, Vanuatu, Wallis & Futuna, Samoa, Yemen, Mayotte, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe

    Supported Languages


    Pricing starting from:


    • Free Version
    • Free Trial
    • Subscription


    EZRentOut Software - Manage Rentals on the go
    EZRentOut Software - Interactive Dashboard
    EZRentOut Software - Assets Grid View
    EZRentOut Software - Location Tracking
    EZRentOut Software - Orders Module
    EZRentOut Software - Your Own Rental Webstore!
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    EZRentOut video
    EZRentOut Software - Manage Rentals on the go
    EZRentOut Software - Interactive Dashboard
    EZRentOut Software - Assets Grid View
    EZRentOut Software - Location Tracking
    EZRentOut Software - Orders Module
    EZRentOut Software - Your Own Rental Webstore!


    Total features of EZRentOut: 95

    • API
    • Access Controls/Permissions
    • Accounting Integration
    • Activity Dashboard
    • Alerts/Notifications
    • Asset Lifecycle Management
    • Asset Tracking
    • Auto / Boat Rental
    • Availability Management
    • Barcode / Ticket Scanning
    • Barcode Recognition
    • Barcoding/RFID
    • Billing & Invoicing
    • CRM
    • Calendar Management
    • Calendar/Reminder System
    • Cataloging/Categorization
    • Contract/License Management
    • Cost Tracking
    • Credit Card Processing
    • Customer Accounts
    • Customer Database
    • Customer History
    • Customer Management
    • Customer Portal
    • Customizable Reports
    • Data Import/Export
    • Delivery Management
    • Discount Management
    • Document Management
    • Electronic Payments
    • Electronic Signature
    • Email Templates
    • Employee Management
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Equipment Rental Software
    • Equipment Tracking
    • Fleet Management
    • Inspection Management
    • Inventory Auditing
    • Inventory Control
    • Inventory Management
    • Inventory Optimization
    • Inventory Tracking
    • Invoice Management
    • Item Management
    • Kitting
    • Labeling
    • Late Fee Calculation
    • Loyalty Program
    • Maintenance Management
    • Maintenance Scheduling
    • Manufacturing Inventory Management
    • Medical Equipment Rental
    • Mobile Access
    • Multi-Location
    • Online Booking
    • Order Entry
    • Order Fulfillment
    • Order Management
    • Order Tracking
    • Ordering Automation
    • Payment Processing
    • Point of Sale (POS)
    • Product Identification
    • Promotions Management
    • Purchase Order Management
    • QuickBooks Integration
    • Quotes/Estimates
    • Rate Management
    • Real Estate Rental
    • Real Time Reporting
    • Recurring Orders
    • Recurring Rentals
    • Rental Management
    • Reorder Management
    • Reporting & Statistics
    • Reporting/Analytics
    • Reservations Management
    • Retail Inventory Management
    • Retail POS
    • Returns Management
    • Sales Reports
    • Scheduling
    • Search/Filter
    • Shopping Cart
    • Short / Long Term Rental
    • Stock Management
    • Supplier Management
    • Third Party Integrations
    • Transaction History
    • Utilization Reporting
    • Website Integration
    • Work Order Management
    • eCommerce Management



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    Overall rating

    4.6 /5
    Value for Money
    Ease of Use
    Customer Support

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    Overall rating
    • Industry: Events Services
    • Company size: 51-200 Employees
    • Used Daily for 1-5 months
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Value for Money
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support
    • Likelihood to recommend 9.0 /10

    Excellent Platform for Managing Any Rental Fleet!

    Reviewed on 06/12/2018

    With EZRentOut, I am able to get rid of all the shared calendars and google doc spreadsheets and...

    With EZRentOut, I am able to get rid of all the shared calendars and google doc spreadsheets and use one tool to manage all my assets. I can also use it for booking, and scheduling the event and day-of details. Very helpful!


    Allows us to track and cross-reference assets in a lot of different ways. I can keep track of my fleet of rentals and ensure all our rentals are done well and payments are collected. The layout is very easy and simple. Nothing is overcomplicated and we have also found the customer support to be very efficient.


    There are not as many customization abilities for the platform as there could be. Would be nice if clients knew more of what was available on the calendar. Overall these are small problems.

    Response from EZRentOut

    Hi Alex, we appreciate you taking out the time to review EZRentOut. We're delighted to know that our software helped you in getting rid of spreadsheets and is enabling you to manage all your assets on a single platform.

    I have forwarded your feedback regarding our customization abilities to the product team and they will be looking into it. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our support team at [email protected]

    Overall rating
    • Industry: Entertainment
    • Company size: 2-10 Employees
    • Used Daily for 2+ years
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Value for Money
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support
    • Likelihood to recommend 10.0 /10

    EZRentout lives up to it's name

    Reviewed on 13/02/2020

    Again, the software does my 'thinking' for me, as my biggest demands are ' do i have..." certain...

    Again, the software does my 'thinking' for me, as my biggest demands are ' do i have..." certain items. i can quickly search my database, and see what i have, where i purchased it, how much it rents for, and if it is on the premises. Time is what i've saved...and time is Money. no doubt about it. Once i'm more comfortable with the access for clients, they will be able to search themselves..and that will in turn save me more time. I am happy with EZRentout, and feel the purchase price is well worth the software.


    This software helped us track our inventory. We are a mid sized wardrobe house, and it is very difficult to keep track of real time rentals. (what is in and what is out) This rental software made is so much easier. It is affordable, and does mostly what we require. It does the work for us. It gives me time to think about the running of the business and any real time concerns. My clients are more confident because they can log in, and see what they rented, the condition it was in, and any other concerns they have. We looked at hiring someone to create a rental program for us, and the quotes we received would cost us over 10 years of the EZRentout subscription. !! So, for us it was an easy decision. Free up our thinking brains , let EZRentout take care of the tracking, invoicing, and billing. Customer service is easy to deal with, and we even let our subscription run out by mistake, and were able to just get back on board once we realised the credit card had expired...


    We have been with EZRentout for years. In the early years, there were many changes we needed, and other customers brought them to the attention on the EZRentout team...and now they have been addressed. Our business isn't straightforward...each client is different, with different requirements and individual billing differences. My complaint isn't really a complaint....i would say that because the software is perpetually improving, my complaint is that i keep having to learn new things....but I think that's excellent.

    Alternatives Considered


    Reasons for Switching to EZRentOut

    EZRENTOUT did what i needed done, at a price point i was comfortable with. why build the same thing again? (and pay someone else $10K plus...and, in one case, they would have owned the software...!!) I love the ease of use with EZ rentout. i am an 'old dog' and it helps me learn new tricks. thank you

    Response from EZRentOut

    Hi Caitlin,

    Thank you for taking out time to write us a review for us.

    We're glad to hear that you've been using EZRentOut for years and that we helped you track your inventory for your wardrobe house.

    We appreciate your honest feedback and wish you continuous luck in learning new things.

    If you ever encounter any concerns in the future, feel free to drop us a message at [email protected] and we would love to assist you.

    Overall rating
    • Industry: Construction
    • Company size: 2-10 Employees
    • Used Daily for 1+ year
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Value for Money
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support
    • Likelihood to recommend 9.0 /10

    It is all that I need in one software

    Reviewed on 16/11/2022

    It is very practical

    It is very practical


    Billing /schedule a rent. I also enjoy the problem solving aspect, any time I reached the support team


    At the beginning is hard to use, but you get used to it quickly

    Overall rating
    • Industry: Medical Devices
    • Company size: 11-50 Employees
    • Used Daily for 6-12 months
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Value for Money
    • Ease of Use
    • Likelihood to recommend 4.0 /10


    Reviewed on 03/01/2019

    It helps us to easily track our assets.

    It helps us to easily track our assets.


    Ease of tracking our assets. This is literally all I like about this software.


    I have noticed many small things that are not really a major functionality issue, (aside from one that was a big problem), but more strange and confusing. On the bookings page, items that are to be rented out today, sometimes show up green, sometimes just black. I find the green beneficial when there happens to be a long list of upcoming rentals, but that function is not always working. Also, on many occasions, the customer's name on the bookings page will randomly change to my name. If I click on the order, the information within the order is still correct, I just find that quite odd and slightly ignorant. I often have an issue when selecting rent out order where it prompts me to enter tracking info, after I have already done so. Sometimes, it will leave the tracking info there and allow me to choose rent out order a second time, while other times it deletes my tracking number and I have to renter that info. This is not only frustrating, but inefficient. My final and largest complaint is concerning an order that I never received an email about (I have the system set to notify me 2 days in advance and day of order), nor did it ever show up in my bookings list until nearly a week after it was due to be shipped. That one really floored me. I check my bookings list multiple times per workday, and as I previously mentioned, I also have email notifications set up. Overall, the system is ok. I don't love it, but it works to get the job done for the most part.

    Overall rating
    • Industry: Business Supplies & Equipment
    • Company size: 2-10 Employees
    • Used Daily for 1-5 months
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Value for Money
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support
    • Likelihood to recommend 8.0 /10

    EZRentOut Review

    Reviewed on 04/08/2022

    Very good experience!

    Very good experience!


    The ability to be able to customize any report or form. Support is great!


    That you are not able to search orders through the PO Numbers.

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    EZRentOut FAQs

    Below are some frequently asked questions for EZRentOut.

    EZRentOut offers the following pricing plans:

    Essential: $89/month with two users included Growth: $179/month with four users included Premium: $349/month with six users included Special discounts are available for all 501(c)(3) organizations. This includes all Non Profit and Educational Institutions.

    EZRentOut has the following typical customers:

    Self Employed, 2-10, 11-50, 51-200, 201-500, 501-1,000, 1,001-5,000

    EZRentOut supports the following languages:


    EZRentOut supports the following devices:

    Android (Mobile), iPhone (Mobile), iPad (Mobile)

    EZRentOut integrates with the following applications:

    Adobe Commerce, Authorize.Net, Braintree, Centrify Identity Service, Dropbox Business, Gmail, Google Analytics 360, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Okta, OneDrive, OneLogin, PayPal, QuickBooks Online Advanced, Quickbooks Online, Square Point of Sale, Stripe, WordPress, Xero, Zapier

    EZRentOut offers the following support options:

    Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Chat

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